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Hi I’m Jaz/Mali and I’m currently stuck in King of Fighters hell. Though I may or may not occasionally decide to bash out something Battleborn or Borderlands too, if the right inspiration hits, since they’re fandoms I feel halfway comfortable writing in.

I haven’t been properly in the writing game for years due to a massive slump combined with a major shifting of fandoms (if you knew me from my previous account, you get a veteran’s discount lmao), but I’m hoping to ease back into things again with this fresh start. Most of what I post will simply be oneshots and drabbles for now as I try to get back into the swing of things.

In terms of KoF favs, I’m weak for K’ Fam, so they’ll be my main guinea pigs subjects to write about. Though I have plenty of ideas floating around pertaining to other characters like, say, Goenitz and CYS.

Alternate places to find me and my writing:

Tumblr: @maliwarm

AO3: Maliwarm

And just in case you for some reason like my writing enough to want to consider slinging me a few bucks... I have a Ko-Fi. The handle is - you guessed it - Maliwarm. In addition to writing, I offer little sketches as well, if that’s more your thing. Just add your request(s) in a note when you donate, or PM me if you have a full-blown commission in mind. I’m currently jobless and struggling to keep up with the family’s grocery bills, so anything I get will be majorly appreciated.

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