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If you haven't noticed, The Thinking Room has been deleted. The reason why I did this is not that I thought it was a bad story. I just realized that it would work much better and would be a more interesting story if it was completely original.

In The Thinking Room, there are many concepts and items that do not exist appear the Kirby universe, and the only real character in the story that has to do with Kirby is, well... Kirby. Characters like Dr. Brock, Dr. Lassiter, and Gabriela are fictional in the context of the universe that it exists in. Kirby is a big part of the story, sure, but if Kirby was in the story, or if the story was associated with the Kirby universe to begin with, the plot would become incredibly predictable. Weird, convoluted, contrived nonsense would occur just to attempt to explain things that happen in the actual games. For example, anyone reading The Thinking Room who knows about Kirby and the Amazing Mirror would instantaneously infer that the quote "Think of yourself, Kirby" would not to refer to Shadow Kirby, especially when the scene is supposed to take place where the Mirror is.

Also, while the story is supposed to be bleak and serious, because it is associated with the Kirby universe, there is a high probability that readers may think that The Thinking Room is satire or a dark comedy, and I don't blame them.

So, that's why I deleted The Thinking Room room off of this website. In the future, I will definitely release it as a completely original story in the future.

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