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Updated profile, 10.30.13: Holy Moly, was that profile old! Later, I also came to love Stargate Atlantis. In March 2011 I discovered Supernatural while on my daughter's Spring Break and became obsessed! Then came Teen Wolf shortly thereafter, probably that August. JRBourne brought Tyler Hoechlin to the Stargate convention with him and talked about his new show.

I just finished my second SPN convention 3 days ago. This is a very expensive obsession! My favorite SPN crossovers are with law enforcement shows such as Criminal Minds, NCIS and Numbers because I love to see the agents try and figure out why the boys do the things they do all the while missing the most piece of the puzzle: the supernatural.

PREVIOUS PROFILE: I've been obsessed with SG1 since I saw the 3rd season opener in reruns on network tv. I thought that Major Carter actually looked quite competent with her weapon. One of the reasons why I love the show is for its' military setting.

I also love crossovers with SG1. I'm not a writer, but I love reading fanfiction.

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