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Joined Jun '06

Name - Dont think I'll Publish that

Age - I Am 15 Going On Sixteen Dudes

Country - England

Nickname - Taggy Dont ask why cos i dont know why :S

Fav Colour - Take a Guess Go On i Dare Ya

What I Look Like - Mid Legnth Brown Hair With Purple Streaks, Hazel Eyes And Quite Short :P

My Mission - To find every great author/story on this site and add them to my favourites XD

Likes - I Like Teen Titans Chocolate And Wrighting On Fan Fiction And Of Course Reveiwers And Great Storys Ooooh And Fire And Roses and & Other Things But I Cant Think Of Them Right Now !

Dislikes - Flamers And Bassically Mean People

Writing Style - I tend to write the story in a book first then on the computer usually changing it.

Fav People - D Hurricane - Awsome person and amazing writer the person responsible for my like of rae/bb pairing :D

- JBubbles - My First EVER reveiwer ... Lovely person and always gives me helpful advice for my stories and is always blatenly honest with me also a faithful Reveiwer :) Thanks dude

- NinjaBunnyOverlord - Another Amazing person, a faithful reveiwer and has done me some awsome artwork a great person to have a lil chat with too, it hard to pin point a reason for them being a fav of mine i guess its just as a general person :) Thanks Dudeee XD

Fave Bands - My Chemical Romance ,Evenescence, Within Temptation, Alien Ant Farm, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Fallout boy, Taking Back Sundays, Paramore & Others but theyr the only ones i can think of now

Favourite Colours - Purple of every shade ,Red ,Black ,White And Green

Characters - Raven

Pairings - (So Far I'm Only Writing Teen Titan Fics)

RaexMal - I Dont Think Theres enough Of This Pairing Out There But The Ones That Are Out There Are Class

RaexRorek - same As But I Do Enjoy A Good RorekxRaexMal triangle :D

RaexRob - There Is Alot Out There for Me To Read A Great Pairing

RaexRedx - This Pairing Is Amazing I Love It Can't Explain Why Though :S

RaexBB - I Like this pairing because most of the writers are awsome writers/people

RaexKyd Wykkd- woo quite cool :D

If Anyone Has A good Story Just Message me And Tell Me Please


Storys So Far

Who Am I Now?- The Time for Raven To Furfil The Promises of her Betrothment ,Her Husband to Be comes for her but at the same time so does a dragon and wizard from Ravens Past and with all three looking for the same thing things couldnt possibly get worse could they? Well the darker side of Ravens Coming out and as she fights against it ,It fights back Whats A Sorceress to do.

(SPOILER) Intresting fact -This was origionally a rob/rae fic and malchior and rorek never appered, and there was no elementals only hawk

Love Of The Forbidden Kind - A forbidden love discovered by a jeleous lover ,whos hellbent on finding contemptment and pulls everyone down in his way, she lets go of her forbidden love just for him, but will he be at all grateful now that he knows? A RedxRaexRob Triangle. COMPLETE

(SPOILER) Intresting fact- this story was completely unplanned, the idea came to me ini the bath strangely enough.

Amthyst Blossom- A collection of ones shots with every Raven based pairing, any ideas just tell me :)


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I am a A Sand Dragon!

Hey, I took the http:// online Inner Dragon quiz and found out I am a Sand Dragon on the inside.

In the war between good and evil, your inner Dragon self is rotten with the stench of EVIL...
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon is a risk taker and answers to no one...
As far as magical tendancies, a Sand Dragon's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic...
During combat situations, the Sand Dragon shows a preference for the rending and slashing of Hand to Hand combat...
Sand Dragons are covered in tough tan skin with orange highlights. Sand Dragons are so well camouflaged in their home habitat that they are often nearly invisible while approaching, except for their brilliant green eyes with flecks of yellow and blue.'
Sand Dragons tend to live in desert areas or remote islands. The Sand Dragon primarily lives in underground caves and caverns, but has been known to build it's home by burrowing into the sand and heating the inner walls until they turn to glass.'
Sand Dragons are social beings, as far as evil dragons go, often working with each other to destroy a common threat or to achieve a common goal. They live in packs and choose their leaders by fierce battles that often result in the death of one combatant. The Sand Dragons primary breath weapon causes powerful sandstorms hurricanes. This Dragons favorite elements are: Glass, Strength, and Anger



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