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Hi, my name is bdlywrttn.

I chose that name because I am hoping to be a good writer, but if I'm not, I can say "well what did you expect from someone who's penname is "bdlywrttn?"

I'm a female,girl,chica,fille,young lady (have you noticed that most authors on here are female?)

I'm in my twenties and I have a deviantart profile: http:///

I do not take requests, though I'd be happy to beta read for anyone who may not be confident enough to tackle a story by themselves.

Current Progress: [EDITED 10/6/12]

A Pony's Sympathy- Completely forgot that I hadn't updated over here! Once it's done I'll post the rest of the chapters, but in the mean time you can find it on FiMFiction: http:///story/42319/A-Pony-Sympathy

Time in the Eyes of a Dragon- Hiatus

Girl Games Are Different- A Toy Story... story. Most of the toys have only really experianced Andy's type of play, some of them don't know how Molly might play with them.

Meerkat Motto- Eight months in the making, and finally up! Nine tiny snippets all culminating in a oneshot surrounding the "meerkat motto".

Another tLK story- In very early stages. This one will connect my other two LK chapter fics. In a nice little circle, as it were. That means there will be meerkats.

"I, bdlywrttn, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I've read, regardless of the number of reviews it has already, its age, or anything else. I have joined the review revolution."

If you believe in reviewing the stories you read, join the review revolution! All you have to do is change the name, and copy and paste the line onto your profile.

Weird things I've made pertaining to my stories:

Something dumb I made for SSF

Myla's story journal

Also, here is a link to my lion king fanart archive account. Just go if you want to read about my LK characters, because the characters file thingy they give you on there is a big reason why I joined!


Photos based on Girl Games are different: http:///art/Molly-s-Game-166867341


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