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Mistyriverbank PM
Joined May '18

Hi!~ Please call me Misty!

And I'm Also in Wattpad and Quotev and Qidian

With the same name~XD

I LOVE Harry Potter, LOTS of Anime, kid movies and Musicals.

Are You Freaking Kidding Me? - Mother died, Father committed suicide and thus leaving me with an angsty, stupid brother. Luckily, I'm old for this shit so I won't end up cuckoo. Unluckily though, I'm too old for this shit.

Sorry, What? - I'm very sorry for not updating the second chapter as of yet! My computer crashed(literally as well) and lots of my works got deleted as well is the screen. I'm now currently out of my depression and am now typing the chapter.

Updates? Huh- what is that?

Can ya eat it?


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