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So.. it's been nearly three years... I suck, i'm sorry to all my readers and reviewers. However, due to a slightly fanfiction life changing event recently, I have been upsurped from my laziness. Recently having discovered a fanfic that was stopped in 2004, and I mean stopped not finished, I realized that keeping readers in the dark and never giving them the ending is just cruel and simply unfair. When readers and reviewers take their time to read your work and to review it (thanks to anyone who reviews a story, it means a lot of every writer), the writer has a responsibility to not let them down.

Thus I have resolved to finish my works and hopefully after a three year haitus, my writing skills will have improved. "Dracula's Revenge" will be slipt up for now. The next part of the story will be known as "Hollow", the name I had orginally chosen for the story. The chapters will not have a beta, so what you read will be all me.

I want to apologize for all my readers before. Many of you might not ever continue reading on and I don't blame you. However, I would like to thank all of you regardless of the future but for the past. Thanks to everyone for encouraging me and my greatest gradtiude to those who will read "Hollow".



Dracula's Revenge: Finished

Hollow: Chapter 1 (Dreams of War and Lust) has been updated/edited/ and posted. Please Enjoy :)

I Love You, But: never got past Chapter 1, so it will not be continued.

Public Service Annoucements:

There are many wonderful stories of wonderful authors that never seem to make it to the update page. If Hollow makes it to the update page and anyone reads this please take a read of the following stories (Van Helsing):

Surviving Cyanide

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