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I suppose I should put something here... I'm a female, artistic, jack of all trades, master of none type.. (though sometimes people think differently about that last bit... but I know, there's always more to learn, room to improve, if you're committed.. I also tend to lose interest, before quite reaching that point). and I collect, and love dolls! (mostly bjd, though i own over 200 monster high, a few porcelain, some older Chrissy dolls, a few barbies.. a few bratz..3d printed.. basically, lots of dolls, but my faves are my bjds... esp my skip beat character ones. i have ren, kyoko, and chiori in sd, cain, setsu, in msd, 10yo kuon, 6 yo kyoko, in yosd... and a baby for my sd ren/kyo... possibly an alternate Ren (because.. i like the smirk on that one, but i also like my first one...).

I type faster than my brain.. or something... so my spelling is usually atrocious. I love to write, but I hate to edit my own stuff... which is a big part of why, as of writing this, I have no stories on here. I just can't make myself face editing hell... lol. Maybe one day...

I'm a fandom flopper. Specifically, I get over commited and addicted to something, for awhile... suck up anything I can about it... then I lose interest,and never look at it again.

Most frequent obsession is skip-beat. I've read every chapter enough times to lose count (except, like, last months, because... new...), and own the anime (both dubbed and subbed. sadly, I don't speak Japanese), as well as the taiwanese drama (extra cheesy can be fun too... just think of it as an I even have several ball jointed dolls, of favorite characters. (as of writing this, my profile picture is my Ren doll... ).

another major follow, for me, is SessKag, Inuyasha. .. that said, some things kinda drive me crazy... I love good writing, and good stories, but I wonder, often, why so many authors in that Fandom, think male canines go into heat. Makes no sense... and a stupid hang up, of that type, tends to distract me from the story. sigh. Very irritating, to become fixated like that. I know, that isn't the author, however, it's me. So, that said, if i ever review your story,and have gotten hung up on a stupid detail, please forgive me. after all, this is fanfiction, not rocket science. If every known detail needed to be stuck to, we'd stick with canon... creative writing is to be appreciated, even with silly errors... those are a problem for the editing process, not for initial use of imagination. .. (but, if you're planning to write inuyasha fanfic, remember, male dogs don't go in heat... so,you know, maybe make Kagome be in cycle, strengthened by miko powers, instead?) lol.

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