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What makes a good story? I am trying to understand that. I am a beginner in writing and exploring the ways of writing. Constructive criticism is much appreciated. Stories won't have bashing of any characters. And I try my best to write interesting stories.

Current fics ;

Misfits Of Hogwarts :- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A place where witches and Wizards learn to use their magic. A place where lifelong friends are formed. A place that could give you memories that are playful as well as painful. For some teenagers, will this place be a palace of playful memory or a fort for unending misery? Or is it both?

The Fallen Angel :- Arthur and her five children are dead due to the attack of death eaters leaving a Molly Weasley pregnant with Ron. Molly raises her Son as a single mom and let Ron experience the reality of world... But Molly Weasley passes away when Ron is almost ten. Ron Weasley will be on a journey where he faces the whole world which includes every Harry Potter characters AU story.

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