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Hello there!

Thanks for checking my profile, I always try to make my stories the most unique as possible, and not i'm someone who is going to leave their project mid-work or just not finishing it, when i start something i finish it. Hope you have a good time reading my stories,because i have always a good time writing them!

What kind of stories do i usually write?

Well, I'm a gamer so they'll mostly be about many videogames but sometimes i like to write a few about movies if i get the sudden motivation to do it, even though i usually tend to make them serious, that doesn't mean it can't have good laughs!

My current story

There's one right here called 'A Dimensional Rescue' which is about the Sonic-Verse if we can call it that way but hey, it's my most precious project right now so please check it out if you want!

But I do have a few projects being currently written so stay tuned!

Current Series

Clash of Worlds - Forces United - War for the Infinite - ??? / (This series will be rebooted into something far greater and bigger)

Zootopia World Cup - Zootopia The Case

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