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Um...I'm a human being who LOVES Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill, Heathers (J.D. x Slushies), The Lightning Thief (bet you didn't expect that one...but then again you probably only ever heard of the book), and Hamilton. I am obviously genderless (duh) and some of my favorite words are: duh (duh), meh, ugh, caca, nah, shade, value, words, etc.. I LOVE BOOKS!!! The few friends I have can agree with this. I have no clue what I was supposed to put on this, but I guess I should list hobbies or something...nah. All of my friends are AWESOME at art, don't like writing, like books, and most of them like warm weather over cold weather (I also have a turtle obsessed friend). And I suck at art, LOVE BOOKS AND WRITING, and snow is the absolute best. I also love manga and anime. So yeah, complete opposites. I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. You can call me... "Y". Why, because "y" not? So many "y" puns... I have a feeling that this is too long... Oh well. More info: my favorite country is Canada (I wish I lived there...), I am really new to fan fiction, I LOVE GAME THEORY (um disclaimer: I don't own them...) as you can see from my name tag, I love video games, and I loved the Heroes Of Olympus and the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series. I ship: Tratie, Jasper, Percabeth, Reyna and Nico's friendship, Thalico and Solangelo (I can't pick...), Leo x Calypso and Leo x Reyna, Chris x Clarisse, and Conner x Lou Ellen/Miranda. I think that's it... for now. Goodbye, fellow fans of fictions!

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This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny into your profile to help him gain world domination. (Do it now!)

10/21/18 Update

Hi everyone! Not sure if anyone noticed, but I was gone for quite a while. I've recently gotten into the Dragonball fandom, but I shall never leave PJO, HoO, or Harry Potter. I still love them. Just expect me to ship GV all the time. I've also decided to redo some of my old works on here. Maybe. If I have time.

ALSO: I'M SO SO SO SORRY TO EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER READ ANYTHING OF MINE! I don't have a beta. I'm not really looking for one either. *is a lone wolf*

I try to reread my stuff to grammar check it, but... English is not my first language. Yeah. I love you all!

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