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I write Oregairu fanfics... Yep, that's pretty much it.

My Favourite Oregairu Fanfics (in no particular order):

Cohabitation by Gossu. I love almost all of this guy's stories, but this is my favourite not least because of a focus on the Tsurumi Rumi character.

My Adolescent Romantic Comedy Is Incorrect As I Had Logically Proven by SnowPlow. This is a pitch-perfect take on Yukino's POV, and a reference point for me if I ever try to write from her perspective. Probably one of the most important Oregairu fics.

Consequent Coincidence by Arbitrary Escape. A writer with a very particular and unique style for the fandom; this is a very compelling example of it.

Hayama Side by An Average Writer. Similar to how I consider SnowPlow's fic the bible of Yukino POV, this is the bible of Hayama POV. That or it's the only decent example, lol.

My Stay Over Plan Was Suspiciously Successful by weewah. This story is funny and it has Kawasaki in it. Enough said.

Box Step by Some Chinese Guy. A nice, uncomplicated example of that sweet sweet HachiYuki fluff.

My Fanfics:

Our Wedding Anniversary Is Wrong, Unexpectedly- my first fic, and oh boy does it show. Reading this story, in all honesty, makes me cringe. Hard. But I keep it posted because it's a good reminder of how NOT to write a story, and also I suppose as an example of how much my writing has changed since then.

Broken Glass/Shattered Memories- an experimental set of fics playing around with the mystery genre. I consider this the start of a maturer phase in my writing, even if I still made a lot of mistakes, particularly in the plot department. The reason I think this story still 'worked'- in other words, that people still read and seemed to enjoy it- is that the central characterisation of Hachiman was consistent and evocative, so people still 'believed' the story when the mystery became implausible. In other words, character is more important than plot. Lesson learned.

And damn, looking back, I really went for the most fucked up ending imaginable, lol.

Love and Coffee!- another experimental fic, wherein Hachiman is a light novelist. A metafictional story that's basically a fanfic about writing fanfic. Hopefully I will finish it sooner rather than later. This is one of the fics I'm most proud of.

A Doll's Eyes- another mystery story, although I suppose I should call it a thriller. Whenever I have inspiration, it's an absolute blast to write, featuring an obsessive Hachiman (you'll notice that's a theme in my stories) hunting a seemingly unstoppable serial killer. I'd like to revisit this at some point, although to do so would take a lot of re-draughting and rewrites. The first three chapters have interesting elements but some nasty flaws imo. Fun fact: this is the only one of my stories that actually features Iroha in an important role.

Love At First Word- this is a weird one for me. I initially wrote it because I wanted to practice writing M-rated stuff for A Doll's Eyes, and also because I love the film Lost in Translation and thought it would work well with Oregairu. Didn't expect it to get the response it did, but I'm glad people enjoyed it. Still, I wouldn't say it's one of my best. A little more cynicism would probably have helped. So yeah, if you're just here for pure HachYuki fluff, look no further.

Pink and Blue- a story exploring the possibility of a marriage between Hachiman and Yui, as well the intrusions of Yukino on said marriage. I honestly really like this story; it might be my favourite of the ones I've written. As of writing this, it's getting close to completion. We'll see if my feelings change when the final chapter is posted.

Therefore I Am- my most abstract and experimental fic by far, exploring themes such as free-will and existentialism. The dust has only just settled on this one so I'll need more time to collect my thoughts on it.

Other- there have been several stories I've published and then not finished/subsequently deleted over the years. These include such bonkers premises as an amnesiac Yukino, an Oregairu fairytale, a Kawasaki orientated ghost story, and even an Attack on Titan xover. Some of these are, needless to say, best left deleted, but a couple might be get reposted/reimagined down the line if they start to interest me again.

Themes In My Stories:

I am a HachiYuki shipper overall, but a fairly cautious one. I'm not convinced that their relationship would be plain-sailing and or indeed that it would work at all, much to the chagrin of my own sentimentality. A previous fic of mine called While the Snow Fell tried to articulate this, but I wasn't satisfied with the end product. Other constants would be the mystery genre and themes of obsession and dysfunctional romance.

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