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Expect a bunch of unconventional crossovers and occasional one shots.

Listed below is the status of all my fics whether they be on this site or on AO3. Below that are some of my favourites lists or possibly some random ass rambles that I found funny or something...

Finished Stories:

Team Rwby in Avalar (Rwby X Spyro)

Can I keep it? (Clannad X Mandalorian)

Cabooses new friend (Elfen Lied X Red vs Blue)

Entities (Clannad X Bionicle)

Team Rwby watch Reviving Bionicle (Rwby X Bionicle) [Finished SO FAR] Backed up to Ao3.

Ongoing Stories:

Team Rwby react to Bionicle ( Rwby X Bionicle) [On and Off.] Backed up to Ao3.

The Residents of Maple Inn watch the show (Elfen Lied) Ao3 Exclusive

Abandoned Stories:

Faunus Justice Devision (Rwby X Transformers)

Stories on Hiatus:

The Diclonius of Blood Gulch (Elfen Lied X Red vs Blue) Backed up to Ao3

Story ideas (Stuff I MIGHT write later down the line)

Team Rwby in The Lost Worlds (RWBY X Spyro) - Sequel to Team Rwby in Avalar. Self explanatory. Unlikely to get to writing but the possibility is still there.

The Drama Club watches Afterstory (Clannad) - Self explanatory. Haven’t started. Haven’t made a plan yet.

The Toa Nuva watch Reviving Bionicle (Bionicle) - Self explanatory. Might start once the series finishes.

Double the Idiots, Twice the Stupidity (Clannad X Red vs Blue) - The Reds and Blues somehow meet up with the Drama Club. Hilarity ensues.

The Toa Nuva Watch Legend Reborn (Bionicle) - Self explanatory. Likely to be AO3 exclusive. Will likely begin when “The Residents of Maple Inn Watch the Show” is completed.

Top Three Favourite Fan-fictions (Highly recommended for those who are a fan of their franchise.)

#1 - “What is Written in Blood” by Seraphobia (Elfen Lied)

#2 - “The Wings of an Angel” by TheCartoonFanatic01 (Angel Beats)

#3 - “Memories of You” by Painted With a Palette (Kingdom Hearts)

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