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Hello humans! Ok, to explain my username, I basically just have this running joke that I'm so weird that I couldn't possibly be human, and so this account is gonna be kind of... alien themed I guess? It sounded fun! Don't judge me! Ok, anyway, I'm one of those theatre geeks that's obsessed with anything that has to do with musicals so expect alot of Broadway, Disney, and other musical plays or movies. I may do a few crossovers with different tv shows, and relate them to more musical... type... stuff. Anyway, You may notice that this account is NotExactlyHuman02, but there is already a NotExactlyHuman account. This is because I did a dumb thing and forgot my email address. Yeah... that sucks. So I have created a new account, and you can follow my original one if you want but... I won't be very active on it. So come and join me on some fantastical fantasy adventures through the power of song!

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