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THIS ACCOUNT MAY BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION? Nairo and Jemmi are considering returning from beyond the grave.

Stay tuned.


Xana: DEAD

Nairo: ALIVE

Jemmi: ALIVE



She's dead, Jim. (She's not actually.)


I am going to be 22 goddamn years old and I am still writing fanfiction. Jemmi and I have remained BFF since the creation of this account and I think we could use it to continue joint writing.

I am very different from how I was in high school. For example. My hair got longer. And my writing got better.

I want to write RWANDY.


I am also 22 goddamn years old and I am still writing fanfiction. I also still swear like a sailor. Sorry.

I like to think I'm a little more mature than I was in high school, but honestly that's probably not 100% true.

Today I was texting Nairo and somehow that devolved into "Hey, we should write more Akatsuki fanfic." And then we spent about four hours trying to remember the email/password/deal with FFnet's bullcrap.

We might actually continue where we left off? I want to rewrite the entirety of HAWSA/WAWGTD, but make it...less weeby, and hopefully improve the writing...a bit. But then again, that's a huge undertaking, so what's more likely is that we just stick to RWANDY. That abbreviation is literally just "RANDY" with a W in it, oh my god.

I am actually considering reading the entire Naruto manga. Please send help.

Fanart for HAWSA/WAWGTD:

http:///art/Leah-Claire-and-Eva-77480171# drawn by Spirit Seer

http:///art/The-Akatsuki-Arrive-77670508 drawn by Spirit Seer

http:///art/Deidara-fixing-Leah-s-hair-3-80091640 drawn by Spirit Seer

http:///art/Leah-Drawing-Singles-1-81371439 drawn by Spirit Seer

http:///art/Claire-Eating-Pocky-Singles-2-81376589 drawn by Spirit Seer

http:///art/Eva-Making-Breakfast-Singles-3-81377774 drawn by Spirit Seer

http:///art/Charli-and-Leah-s-mom-86001841drawn by LadyKyoSohma

http:///art/Eva-and-her-skulls-153404928 drawn by Hieiwifeforever

http:///art/Claire-s-wedding-153659083 drawn by Hieiwifeforever

http:///art/Leah-153728879 drawn by Hieiwifeforever

http:///art/Akatsuki-Some-155679476 drawn by Jemmi

There may be more that we don't know about, seeing as we have been inactive for five years.

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