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...having just remembered how to do my profile, and having discovered how worryingly wierd i was 5 years ago, ima goin for a rewrite lol.

im still british, still wierd, still an evangelion fan (havent had the balls to watch it for years mind) ive taken to watchign bleach, despite the filler, purely cos kenpachi is a fricken badass and aizen is the most magnificent bastard outside of whoever wrote the dead sea scrolls in eva (tzeentch perhaps?). 'mintoo warhammer aswell (tzeetch reference a giveaway?) and haruhi suzumiya is awesome too.

i suffer from prolonged bouts of melancholy and am quite lazy, im into philosophy, especially morality and i find the likes of nietzsche, sartre and foucault...interesting to say the least, musically i like a lot of stuff, but can usually be found listening to either power metal, industrial, darkwave or some of the older goth stuff like the nephilim, im also partial to david bowie, and that tribute act of his that goes by the name manson isnt totally crap either lol. im also a history nut regarding the greeks, and have recently taken to calling a city that may once have been greek by its greek name hehe. i also adore the way my full name sounds in greek, cos it sounds more awesome that way _

hoping to teach english to the japanese when my degree is done, which will also be my preferred medium for escaping the soul destroying cynicism that people laughingly call society and culture in this little european island i live on...

oh and i still aint much of a writer. tried my hand at epic poetry for eve online, but im not sure of it. i might put it up eventually if i grow a pair, but thats neither here nor there lol.

and im still a majorleague asuka x shinji shipper, and i do tend to have a rather considerable vitriol at the ready for those who dare have a go at my beautiful evangelion hehe.

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