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No one hates me more than I hate myself.

Working on a Rinnegan fanfiction for Naruto at the moment - The Pantheon of Nine, also, I have a side story called Hollowfied. But after these stories, I have others to work on.

What if Boruto never happened? What if the Pantheon of Nine established a new age in the time of the Shinobi world? (Boruto fanfiction, sequel to my Pantheon of Nine fanfiction)

What if Medan was cannon? What if World of Warcraft had absolutely no Retcons? What if Taelan Fordring survived the events at Hearthglen? What if the Guardian of Azeroth actually did his fucking job? (Warcraft 4 fanfiction)

What if Darth Vader didn't get burned after losing to Obi-wan on Mustafar? What if Darth Vader's lungs were completely undamaged but he still lost all four limbs? The Tragedy of Darth Vader (Star Wars Fanfiction)

What if Kagome met Sesshomaru before releasing Inuyasha? What if he grew a strong attachment towards Kagome, like he did with Rin? What if he began to eventually love Kagome? Allowing him to finally understand how his father could possibly love a human. SesshomaruxKagome (Inuyasha fanfiction, entire series rewritten)

What if the spell of love that Harry's mother cast upon him didn't just protect him, it gave him her memories, blessing him with knowledge of the magic world. What if Harry grew up hating muggles due to the way his aunt treated him? What if Harry tried to accomplish the same thing as Dumbledore and Grindelwald, the union of both the Wizard and muggle world? HarryxLuna (Lovegood) (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

What if Bilbo took the Ring to Mordor? (Lord of the Rings fanfiction)

What if Sakura activated the Strength of a hundred seal when Pain attacked the village, fighting alongside Naruto? NarutoxSakura (Naruto fanfiction)

What if Kakashi adopted Naruto the moment he was born? Swearing to devote his entire life to him and giving him his last name? NarutoxKarin (Naruto fanfiction)

What if Sasuke became deathly sick instead of Itachi? What if Jiraiya took Naruto with him on a journey right after the Chunin Exam? NarutoxFuu (Naruto fanfiction)

What if Steven Universe wasn't an obese retard? StevenxLapis. (Steven Universe fanfiction)

What if Dragon Ball Z wasn't a broken anime? What if Gohan was born with Broly's power level? What if there were no Retcons of any kind? (Dragon Ball Z fanfiction)

If you've gotten this far, I'm impressed, and, humbly suggest different creators/content. If you have a desire to support my friend, you could go watch his twitch at BKillemX, it would mean a lot to him.

And, that's the defining trait of Humanity, everyone has their own desires, their own goals. We all have a dream.

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