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Hey everyone I'm Dacen Jace. I suppose you want to know a little bit about me...of course you do, that's why you clicked on my pen name.

Name: Dacen Jace

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Location: Canada eh

Likes: I like a lot of things, Anime, videogames...that sort of thing. I like to read. I've read all of the Chronicals of Narnia, Bablyon rising, and I'm halfway through Eragon. I really like humor fics. I'm working on one right now, expect it one day. I also enjoy...other things...that are too embarassing to say here. I enjoy the sounds of the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean and Linkin Park.

Dislikes: Yaoi. I can't stand this. I also strongly dislike Mary-Sues. Sometimes it seems 95 of fanficton is composed of them.

My favrite paring in Beyblade is:

Kai/Dranzer (provided Dranzer is a girl)

In Naruto, I don't have a favorite paring.

I know, I have some strange tastes.

The biggest fic I'm working on right now is a beyblade story. I'm introducing my own team but unlike other stories out there...there's only one girl on it and there won't be a lot of romance, if any. My OCs just appear at the beginning of the story and for the rest of it they act as an almost invisible hand...guiding our heros to certain doom. Okay not really. I'm also writing a Phantom Of The Opera parody fic, I don't know if I'll post that yet. I have an idea to write a POTC humour/parody fic as well

As you can tell I like Jak and Daxter and Naruto. They rock.

Note: sometimes my reviews can be a little harsh, but with the bad comes the good. I tell people what they can do to fix certian things. If you ever need help with some part of a story...just PM me. As long as it isn't yaoi, I'll help out with anything.

I won't be able to update every week anymore. I will update as soon as possible.

Update: I won't be updating my stories anymore. For me, I guess fanfiction was kind of a phase and I've grown out of it and moved on to bigger and better things. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

My take on storys:

If you post a fic with a bio as a chapter, expect to get constructive criticsism. Bio's are lazy, we should find out about a character as the story progresses.

Also, I offer constructive criticsism, not flames. Don't mistake my advice for flames. I enjoy giving postitive feedback, though I'll also tell you what you need to impove on.

I don't read Yoai or Yuri storys, so I won't review them.

Also, I'm not the best writer on this site. Nor do I claim to be. There are people who are way better than me.

Current story:

Descent into Darkness: It's about a new team that comes to steal the bladebreakers bit-beasts. Though this team has strange reasons for doing it. It won't be like any other fic you've read before.

Update (11/6/07): This story will not be continued. It's been so long since I've worked on it and I've really lost intrest in writing it. I guess I've just grown out of Beyblade. Now it's Naruto, Trigun, Death Note, and Bleach (which are much better animes, IMHO). So yeah, if anyone wants to find out what happens at the end you can PM me.

I started writing this just for fun but when it got to around four chapters I decided to post it. I did a lot of editing with it and hopefuly it will entertain you.

Storys in the works:

The Phantom Menace: This is a Phantom Of The Opera humor fic. It's about the random adventures of Erik and Nadir. I think it's pretty funny, I hope you will to. I'm still writing it so it won't be posted for a while.

I have an idea to write a Mary-Sue parody in beyblade. I don't see enough of those.

I wouldn't mind writing a Naruto story. I was thinking about talking about the bloodline massicars in the Water country. I don't think any fanfics have touched on that besides Zabuza and Haku centered storys.

I also have an urge to write an X-men fan fic. I don't read the comics but I have a good idea of the current storys. (I know about the house of M, Civil war, ect.) So it would have to be movie based. I have some OCs but I don't want it to be a run of the mill romance story. I want as little romanceas possible.. My OCs aren't with the x-men or brotherhood.

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