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"Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off." - Proverbs 23:18

"I too am untranslatable." - Walt Whitman

"Remember, then, that words are the only tools that you will be given. Learn to use them with originality and care. Value them for their strength and their infinite diversity. And also remember: somebody out there is listening." - William Zinsser

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I read and enjoy a huge, random variety of stories (as you can tell by my "favorites"). I have high expectations for punctuation and grammar. I tend to prefer the canonical romantic pairings but I can be persuaded otherwise. I used to write under a different account, and now sometimes I jot down drabbles or story ideas, but we'll see if I post any of it. AUs are my favorites.

I'm on tumblr as clementine-elegance, and a variety of other side blogs.

Fandoms in which I'd include myself:

Harry Potter (Harry/Ginny, Lily/James, Ron/Hermione)

The Legend of Zelda (I am huge Zelink trash. Huge)


Marvel (Tony/Pepper, Clint/Natasha, BuckyNat, Steggy 4 Eva, Lokane, Fosterson... yes. I like both)

Yu Yu Hakusho (

Psych (Shules!!!!)


Star Wars (Anakin/Padmè, Leia x Han, a little Obidala,)

Lord of the Rings

Brooklyn 99 (Jake/Amy)

Parks and Rec

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