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I chose the avatar because it was one of the few pics that I have found that I do not grow tired of. It is not mine but found on Goggle search and I claim nothing other then appreciation for the pic.

I have no copyrights of this avatar, nor is it mine, but found on the internet without anyone there that I've seen that could have copyright on it.

Short introduction:

I can be found on a03 under the username treavellergirl - and my story "Marco as a Café Owner with surprising results - Chaos" is also uploaded.

It also exists on my Tumblr account, the same username : treavellergirl .

I am a girl born in 1988. I have two cats, like a lot of varied Music, and on an accident stumbled upon the One Piece fandom with all its fanfics and fanart, and fell hard and deep into it - and never really recovered from that, so to this day I am still involved in that.

Anyway, currently the One Piece manga/anime/fandom is what my main focus is right now.

Other trivia facts:

I have a 6 year old female cat whose name is Maja (Maya), and another cat, male, whose name is Fenix.

My other cat Fenix is born in 2006 and lives now with both Maja, Shiro (a cat, male, one day younger then Fenix and half-brother to him too) and the rest of the family since we all moved to a new place (Findus another cat in the family and the eldest of the siblings passed away).

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