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Newsies Creed

Whenever I see someone with a dark past that makes them all the more better, I'll remember Jack Kelly.

Whenever I see someone doubted for their abilities, I'll remember Katherine Plumber

Whenever I see someone with glasses, I'll remember Specs

Whenever I see someone with a broken leg, I'll remember Crutchie

Whenever I see someone totally strike out with a girl, I'll remember Romeo

Whenever I see someone being overprotective of their little siblings, I'll remember Davey

Whenever I see a young kid act twice their age, I'll remember Les

Whenever I see someone completely over-the-top, I'll remember Medda

Whenever I see someone act seriously tough, I'll remember Spot Conlon

Whenever I see someone only care for money, I'll remember Joe Pulitzer

Whenever I see a couple who care so much about each other that they're willing to give up their dreams to stay with each other, I'll remember Jack and Katherine

And whenever I see someone willing to stand up for the little guys, to fight for what they believe in, I'll remember Newsies!

If you're willing to risk everything to spend a day with the dorks of the Newsies cast, copy/paste this onto your profile and add your name to the list (let the world know people!):

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