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I'm just a simple connoisseur of animes, manga's, games, novels and fanfics.

I love things that are funny, silly, fluffy, heartwarming, unique, and full of twist. that said I hate fanfics of Naruto with harem, overused female SI that are either boring or just plain stupid, edgy OC being edgy for no reason (not to mention those cringe names I mean Zephyr Raiden, really people?! (_)), and Naruto fics that are just basically senseless smut filled with hormonal teenager wet dreams filled with all sorts of fetishes

As a reader I'm very much partial to the Fate, MHA, KHR, Naruto, Warhammer, Warcraft, RWBY fandoms

As a gamer I play LoL, DotA 2, Pso2, Monster hunter games( Mhw, Mhfu, Mhp3rd) Pokemon(all sorts of version both legit and hack), FGO, Dynamix(challenging game to play on mobile if you like rhythm games)

Novels well I love reader Chinese web novels with silly and cute fmc( raising the child of the male lead boss, try it it's a very wholesome read), well for jap novels I love the novel I'm the evil lord of an intergalactic empire, as well as some works that have either been adapted into manga or anime forms

Animes hmm I love all sorts of anime genre

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