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Hello everyone I'm new to fanfiction.net and I'm gonna make a lot of fanfictions about anime and manga... And probably video games as well.

note i only do straight and yuri pairings. no yaoi, futanari. or anything else weird.

i wanna do fanfics because it allows me to either ship characters and to have fun with different titles.

I hope you all like my content.

Update: Some fanfic ideas I have planned

Work in progress: Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Rifare!

Star ocean first departure: Roddick x millie, Ilia x ronyx, pericci x ioshua, roddick x phia, roddick x Welch, roddick x harem, ronyx x mavelle.

Star ocean EX/ Star ocean second evolution: Claude x rena, Claude x welch, Leon x precis, Ashton x precis, Ashton x Celine, Claude x Celine, Claude x precis, Claude x opera, Claude x chisato, Claude x harem, Leon x Welch, Ashton x Welch, Leon x Celine, Claude x yuki (yuki is a character that's only in star ocean ex) , Ashton x yuki, Leon x yuki.

Hunter x Hunter: (considering its mostly a sausage fest there'll mostly be oc) gon x pitou (pitou is a girl and you can't say otherwise), gon x oc, killua x bisky, kurapika x neon, kurapika x oc, killua x oc.

D-grayman: Allen x lenalee, Allen x road (possibly) (pretty much it tbh with this series)

Final fantasy ix: zidane x dagger (the otp of final fantasy cough yuna x tidus is basically zidane x dagger done poorly cough cough)

MÄR/Marchen awakens romance: ginta x dorothy, ginta x snow, ginta x koyuki, phantom x kandis/candis, ginta x harem.

Katekyo hitman reborn: (the absolute worst fandom on here well one of which anyways. It's not their fault entirely blame the mangaka of this series turned it into a sausage fest and it imploded on itself) Tsuna x Kyoko, Tsuna x haru, Tsuna x oc, tsuna x harem x straight)

Konjiki no gash bell: (the greatest anime/manga series of all time and if you haven't watch/read it I highly advise it) Gash x tio, gash x koruru, kiyomaro x sherry (ok ok ok hear me out it could work in a way if done right!), Kiyomaro x megumi, kiyomaro x suzume.

Yugioh: (note I refuse to use the 4kids version of names because well 4kids suck ass) yugi/yami x anzu, yugi x Rebecca, jounounchi x mai, kaiba x buru aisu waito duragon (I've had this idea on the backburner and it's TOO good to pass up).

Yugioh Gx: (Again no 4kids names here) judai x asuka, manjoume x asuka.

Yugioh 5d's: (When yugioh reached its peak, ps yugioh 5d's is the best in the franchise) Yusei x aki, yusei x sherry, Jack x Carly.

Black clover: Asta x mimosa, asta x nero/secre, luck x oc, asta x Noelle, asta x nebra (don't kill me), gauche x grey, yuno x charmy, asta x Vanessa, asta x harem.

My hero academia: (the fandom is toxic asf let's get that clear, ps if any of the mha crybabies come at me for shipping izuku x mitsuki just know your a hypocrite) izuku x any female character in the show (the guys aren't really good ship material for the girls).

Slayers: (one of the greatest magical/fantasy anime ever don't @ me) Lina x gourry, zelgadis x Amelia, zellos x philia (these two are the perfect cat and dog pair, well demon and Dragon pair)

slam dunk: sakuragi x haruko (even though sakuragi SIMPED for haruko, and even though he fell from grace... The man deserves haruko) (pssst rukawa is garbage tobio rukawa all day everyday)

Final fantasy VIII: Squall x rinoa, squall x quistis, zell x selphie, seifer x fujin, zell x lulith (the library girl with pigtails that squaresoft never bothered naming so I did it myself. Boom did what an entire company failed to do in over 20 years and for free, your welcome square enix).

sorcerous stabber orphen: orphen x Cleo, majic x eris(a anime original character but I've liked their relationship)

Naruto/boruto: Naruto/boruto x any female characters in the series since the dudes suck (P.S NaruTayu is the greatest thing on this platform bar none)

Dragon quest VIII: hero x Jessica

Hunter x Hunter: Gon x pitou. (I'm sorry but the fandom sucks ass. It's not the fans fault blame togashi for making it a sausage fest smh. If I make any romantic fanfics it'll mostly be oc And straight)

Dragon quest Dai no Bouken: Dai x Leona, Marm x hyunkel, pop x melee

Final fantasy XIII: (My personal favorite final fantasy). Hope x Lightning, Noel x Serah (Yeah I'm cucking snow lol), Hope x Fang, Hope x Vanille, Hope x harem, Noel x Yeul, Noel x harem (for cough plot reasons)

Dragon quest XI: Luminary x Jade (Otp In this game And I went straight to the jade marriage on switch), Luminary x Veronica (don't kill me.) And pretty much any girls in XI

And that's pretty much it at the top of my head. Keep in mind that the majority of these ships will be in the M-Status, unless of course I decide to make it cutesy and wholesome but the likelihood of that happening is 1:19000.

Currently writing crimson crusade for this site but it's gonna take some time, I'll try doing at least a volumes worth of material then post at a good pace.

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