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New author here still trying to learn the ropes.

I always liked fanfiction, really it was been my obsession for more than ten years now, I mostly lurked around Fanfiction.net, then a few years back I found out about others sites and began lurking there too.

I started to try my hand at writing about a year ago, made some stories (Mostly seft-insert, it got a bad rep, but its my favorite kind of fics), gained more confidence in my stories, and got better at my english (not my first language. I'm better with it now, I'm still learning. but... yeah.)

I'm a pretty sporadic write, my speed depends greatly on my muse, so I can push multiple chapter in a week, or take a few months to update, it usually don't end up two months for me to post anything

What more...

Likes: Reading, playing video-games, and Fanfics, lots and lots of Fanfics.

Favorite anime: Too many...

Favorite game: Also too many... Special mention to Persona series, many Nippon Ichi games, the Tales series... really any 'Anime' looking game gain points with me.

Fanfiction.net isn’t my ’main site’ for fanfics, most of my work can be found in Questionable Questing forums, you can go there if you want more from me.

And that's it then, I hope you like my Fics

Plans for future projects. They will probably be Self Inserts, because this is my favorite type of stories, and I like the challenger of writing good fic for on a infamous style.

A Harry Potter fic: Still in dream form.

A RWBY fic: Still in dream from.

A Ramna 1/2 fic: Still in dream form. No anymore Bitches!

A Naruto/Boruto fic: Still in dream form.

A Sailor Moon fic: Still in dream form

A Game of Thrones/A song of Ice and Fire fic: Still in dream form

A Percy Jacson fic: I have half of Chapter 01 ready but I'm not in a rush because I'm still working on the concept.

A Magic the Gathering/Multicross fic: This will actually be a rewrite of my very first story, I didn't post it here because it's dead, but for anyone interested there is a few thousand words of a Planeswalker SI bumbling across the multiverse on Questionable Questing Forum, you only need a accord to access the NSFW section.

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