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I'm mainly an AMV editor now. You can find my newer works on Youtube or though under the name AimoAio. (Although to be honest you could probably just google AimoAio AMVs and it'll lead you somewhere decent) I also edit manga videos from time to time when I have the idea and while I don't focus as much on it anymore, I like playing around with wallpapers and graphics in Photoshop.

If you have ever have a good show or manga to recommend please feel free to send me a message! I love finding new fandoms to fangirl over. :D

Unfortunately, I don't really write fanfics anymore, although one day I will try and complete A Sorta Fairytale because I hate leaving things unfinished especially since I did spend a lot of time writing it. But my writing skills are really rusty since I stopped studying English as a subject back in highschool and I haven't written anything other than essays for university since then so it probably won't be up to par as before.

Updates: (All my dates are written as DD/MM/YY)


I've once again lost the notebook for ASF, just don't hold out on hope that this will be completed xD I will try sometime.


God I really really want to finish a chapter for ASF because I can't stand the thought I left it on a cliffhanger and the fact it's an incomplete work is tearing at me. I keep re-reading the notes I had written 3 years ago for this fic and I just cannot seem to put it into coherent words. It's like, the idea is so stupid I don't want to feed its crapness to readers. And also because my writing skills fail after not writing anything for years. Ok, since I can't seem to finish this AMV project on time for Japan Expo, I might as well use the time efficiently by doing something else while I'm in an editing block. I WILL TRY WITH MY UTMOST MIGHT TO WRITE AT LEAST ONE MORE CHAPTER FOR THIS FIC. At the very least, it should give me an idea of how many people are still waiting for an update and if it's few and far between or nobody cares then I no longer have to feel guilty I didn't continue it. I'm actually torn between on what to root for, I'm desperately hoping that nobody reviews so I don't have to write anymore but on the other hand, I'd feel awesome if someone reviewed after all this time because it meant I didn't waste the few months I spent writing the first 7 chapters of this fic. To the me from 3 years ago...WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU FINISH WRITING THE FIC THEN? At that time I definitely would not have thought the story was stupid. Sometimes I really hate my brain, it likes to be mature at times it shouldn't be.


I vaguely remember starting chapter 8 of ASF but I can't seem to find the file anymore since I got a new computer. Chances are it's lost on my old one. I still have the main plotline written out but when I read it, it felt so cheesy and lame and I kinda lost the motivation to write it. So yeaaah, hiatus till I figure out what I want to do with it. Sorry about that, I highly doubt anyone is still following it 2 years later but I felt obliged to post an apology anyway.


Yay! Will begin writing chapter 8 of ASF this Monday! :D Providing I don't get dragged out by my mum and dad cause they think I hang around in the house too much on the computer D: Which is so wrong because I go out quite a lot now and I have a part time job already sheesh, like I'm not busy enough already!

And also because I got bored of editing. Kinda hard to edit when you keep trying to meet your own expectations on how good this video must be since your last one was a big hit with 19k views :( I feel kinda depressed when I see my current works and they pale in comparison so I usually scratch them D:

I usually get creatively-inspired by music, so if you have any good songs please recommend some to me! 8D I love all genres. Metal/Rock/Pop/Classical(seriously xD)/ Hip-hop/Rap/Foreign music(Jap/Korean/French)/Alternative/ Electric/Screamo. Literally anything xD


Apologies for the lack of updates for "A Sorta Fairytale" , I have the full plot in simplified version written out but I'm simply too lazy and haven't got any inspiration to writing it out in a full chapter =\ But I will try to sort this out as soon as my exams are over(last one on the 3rd of June!) And remember I'm still looking for beta-testers so if you are interested then drop me a PM and having a beta-tester to moan at me for not updating usually helps speed things up ;)


"A Change In Things" is now discontinued. I have no inspiration and simply cannot be bothered trying to finish this old fic.

Random notes about myself:

Naruto is my favourite anime and manga. (Probably? I have too many favourites, stalk my MAL if you want to know more. XD)

I love NaruSaku.

I also love SasuSaku.

But I love ItaSaku just a tiny bit more. :P

I'm not a big fan of Yaoi but I can tolerate it. (Nothing too explicit unfortunately.)

I hate people who flame fics because of the pairings. Seriously if you don't like the pairing then why are you reading it in the first place? All it does is make you look a complete idiot.

I hate pairing-bashers. Everyone is allowed their own favourite OTPs and whatnot. It's not up to you to go judge who matches up better with who.

I love sweet things.

I love drinking tea and eating sweet things while reading and writing. :)

I like lots of different kinds of tea.

I have an extremely bad habit of naming fics after song names.

Mainly because that's where most my fic ideas stem from haha.

I am a very lazy video editor who now owes a lot of people unfinished projects.

I fail at drawing.

I absolutely love and adore reviews.They give me the strength to keep writing. So keep 'em coming!

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