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About myself --

I'm a fairly easily amused spaz, thus anything I write will probably reflect that. Recently started writing fanfiction, previously any fiction I wrote tended towards the dark. As a result, in my fanfiction I will try to pull away from that and write primarily sillier things. Currently I am focused on writing Hunter x Hunter fanfiction, it is my current love (primarily looking at Hisoka and Illumi's relationship, be it friendship or romantic in nature).

Aside from that, I was a psychology major so there will probably be a bit of introspection on the characters at the beginning of the fics. Considering my short attention span, I will probably write intensely for a couple days, then not write anything at all for months :P

Most of the HxH writing shall be proofread by my friend/lover (because I force feed it to him XD), he is a wonderful writer. If you want to see into his mind, please visit his blog at (http:///). Everything else will be loosely looked over by myself, so I expect there to be a few grammatical mistakes as I get embarassed reading my stuff and end up not reading it very carefully. And yes, I do get self-conscious while reading my own writing XP

Loves of my life --

Hunter x Hunter, Utena, Fushigi Yuugi

Immortal Rain, X, Hunter x Hunter, Kodomo no Omocha, Angel Sanctuary, Saikano

TMR, Plastic Tree, Cali//Gari. Kagrra, Weird Al, They Might be Giants

World of Warcraft, Animal Crossing

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