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Author’s note as of February 15, 2011 3:52 PM

I would like to apologize for my inactivity in regards to actually updating my stories like I planned and had set out all those years ago. Most of my stories are in the process of massive revisions, revisions so great that one could actually label my older work dead. The old plot, the direction the story was head and even the style in which it was written are all being completely overhauled.

Two stories that I will try and keep as similar as possible are my latest (submitted) stories ‘The Bloody Angel of the Hidden Mist’ and ‘Legend of the Kuroi Senkou.’ Both of which had second chapters done years ago within two weeks after the initial prologue being submitted. Unfortunately at the time, my old (new at the time)laptop decided to be infected with a large number of Trojans, worms and other such virus/spy wares and roots. (Never let your younger female cousin check her myspace account and obliviously click on links. Learn from my errors.)

Now in regard to my older stories…

Hekireki Tenshu
(No comments)

In regard’s to this particular story, I know naught what I will do. Chances are it will be erased or put on break for an indefinite amount of time. Above that, this particular story seemed to be heading nowhere and fast. I made Naruto far too powerful in the one month break between the preliminaries and Chuunin Exam Finals.

But don’t fear my fans, or ye curious folks who litter the net as I have taken some of the better ideas of this story and intend to include it on some future endeavor.

A Dangerous Threat
( Some planning has gone into its eventual creation and recreation)

Some might hate to read this but this one had already been completely revised in the great Crash of 07. Its first chapter which covered the same amount time-slot was approximately 27k words, it extended time at the academy and an alternate manner in which the “Possession” if one wants to call it takes place.

I do however have a new idea for this particular story.

On that note I will give a couple of hints as to what is different.
1) Naruto is not a ninja of the Hidden Leaf or a ninja period
2) Naruto does not perform any type of ninjutsu or genjutsu
3) Naruto is still a citizen of the Land of Fire and a warrior/fighter of the country thereof

Power’s Long Forgotten
(Currently in its drafting stages)

While the story itself can be called dead for it shall never rise once again, fear not, for it is in the process of a (hopefully)beautiful transformation from what I can only consider as trash into significantly more complex, realistic and worthwhile read.

Those interested in reading what is currently drafted can do so at my “homepage” which should redirect you towards my Livejournal. Under the page summary read ‘A Shadow’s Creed’(Title subject to change) in order from part 1 to part 4. Disregard that only Part 4 says WIP as they are all subject to change. (Not too much but somewhat over it’s eventual post.) Eventually, the entirety of what is known as chapter 1 will be divided into smaller segments that will make the initial introductory arc.

Stories planned for the future

1. Naruto/Negima Crossover featuring Naruto not as a teacher’s assistant or teacher but as a student. (How he arrives at Mahora is a story in and of itself.)
2. Naruto/Rosario+Vampire Crossover fic featuring Naruto as a wayward schizophrenic ninja sent away to avoid the brutality of the Fourth Shinobi’s War.
3. Naruto/One Piece Crossover featuring a battle hardened Naruto who is given two bounties due to the assumption that the “Firestarter” and “Crimson Devil” are two different individuals when in fact are one in the same.


Faced with an ultimatum, Sarutobi is forced to relinquish guardianship over young Naruto. Now with a different upbringing as the last true royal blooded member of the Uzumaki clan of the newly reconstructed Uzushiogakure no Sato must put down his kunai for diplomatic responsibilities. As the crowned prince set to govern the land when he comes of age which unfortunate for the battle-loving is quickly drawing close.

Missed Opportunity

All it took was but a moment, a singular instant in which his life would uniexplacably traverse through one of the two paths foretold in destiny. Unfortunately for the Shinobi world; the accidental neglect has chosen which of the two he will cross.

Dark Naruto

Harbinger of Ruin Naruto

Now to some interesting trivia about your fellow writer (if you do in fact write)

I am currently twenty-one years old.

I am a Business Administration/Economics double major and compulsive perfectionist in quite a large amount of tasks.

Reading and writing are a favored hobby of mine among listening to music, watching movies and drawing.

My own personal philosophy and thoughts about my work and the input given by you the reviewers.

As a writer I love receiving praise (and detest flames/insults) just like the next person, however, what I like even more is constructive criticism. I want to know what I did wrong, how I may go about fixing it and reoccurring problems for me to watch out for. I am after-all only human and prone to making errors.

Do NOT hesitate to PM if you wish to remain anonymous to other reviewers/readers in regards to my failures (as long as you provide with solutions to those problems) or for questions regarding the story.

Pairings are not up for discussion, if there is one I will so choose it and not the readers. I aim to please but not the extent that I will sacrifice my dignity and honor for a couple more reviews, fav’s or alerts. It is my story and therefore I shall choose what pairing if any, where the story will go… etc.

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