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Hey! I write Hetalia and probably other fandoms too. I read a lot, and have approximately ten million unfinished fanfics at any point in time ;(

You can call me Asters, or Alyssum, or anything, really!

Alright, so I'm a bit of a strange person, and I also don't know what to write in my previously-bare profile. Now, that isn't entirely fair, because I'm an avid checker of others' profiles (hey, it's pretty much how I find fics to read. Y'know my going through favourites lists and the like). That makes me sound like a creep, but I digress. Bios in general are pretty interesting things.

I ship anything that is written well enough, but I have some preferred pairings: FrUK, Frying Pangle (or any two out of the three), RusAme.


Dead Nations Society

An adventure delving into reincarnation and what it might mean for Nations who have since faded. The idea started as a lighthearted oneshot, but the more I thought it over, the more of a plot it started to develop. And there we went.

Pairings: None. It's a genfic.

Remarks: A fair amount of former nation OCs and minor Hetalia characters (e.g. the other German brothers, Ancient Greece, Genoa, etc.), though the story itself mostly involves canon characters when the plot swings into motion. A challenge for me because I don't normally... do OCs? At all. Regardless, I understand that having plenty of OCs in a story may be a red flag to many, so yeah. Just a disclaimer in case anyone gets disappointed by the appearance of that!

Ideas where I've pretty much planned the whole plot out except I currently lack the motivation to write them

The Empire of Death

The Paris Catacombs. A oneshot. Ohh boy.

Number of words written: 452

Likelihood of completion: Pretty high. Just gotta get myself to actually write it.


Hetalia/Coco crossover! Still hyped by this one, rip.

Number of words written: 629

Likelihood of completion: Low. Dead Nations is kinda a big priority as of now.

Far less tangible ideas

- FrUK except it's supernatural

- FrUK except there's cheese

- Gil and Elizaveta have a very bad day

- O L D P E O P L E

- Dead Nations Society 2: Electric Boogaloo

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