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Greetings Everybody --

Science-fiction is my favorite form of liturature.. Although I enjoy many other genres, my other favorites are Louis Lamour Westerns and Mysteries. A psych major once figured out that I like a time buffer in what I read.

My favoritre quote is: 'I haven't read Gone With The Wind.' a poem title by Louis Lamour. The poem talks about not following the crowd when it comes to choosing what to read.

I currently write fanfic for Firefly/Serenity and Jake 2.0. Two vastly underrated TV shows, that ended far too early. I have also writen for Bones ans Smallville.

Firefly/Serenity staggers the imagination with the vast amount of story possibilities - Go Browncoats!

Jake 2.0, I like the innocent nature of the lead: Imagine getting your dream job and superpowers while at the same time becoming property of the state. The small cast and narrow story lines limit where one can go with the cannon, but stretching it just a bit can lead to exciting posibilities!

I have created a C2 just for Jake2.0 crossovers. If you know of any please let me know!

I have been thinking about keeping the 'Key' stories going. They have been a way for me to clear my mind when I get stuck at a popint in one of my series.

The first story, I used Key in the title because Clark gave the octangle key to Lois. In fact the story was originally named 'The Key To Me', but I changed it to 'The Key To Home' when the story became Lois-centric.

My third story was going to be Chloe's POV, but you know the General. :) I can't see this as a serial because the stories, may be related, but aren't actually following any real organized thought. Basically they are set in Lois and Clarks future and have something to do with their relationship.

I think i'm going to keep the 'Key' in my short story titles when the stories are like these. The reason is that the stories don't show much - It's kind of like seeing the keys on a keyring. You can tell pretty much whateach one does by the size, shape, color, and markings; but you can't see more than that because they are just keys.

Clear as mud i'll bet ;)

I am grateful for sites like Fanfiction.net, because when the imagination starts to fire it's frustraiting not to have a release.

One of my pet peeves is when a ff writer post a couple of paragraphs, promises to write more if they get enough reviews, and expect reviews. The way I see it -- no effort to write a story - no review!

Please remember to review -- to those of us who write, it is the only way for us to know if we are getting through.

Some of my favorites:


Forbidden Planet

The Thin Man series

Star Trek series

Star Wars series

Serenity series (hopefully!)




Marjorie Allingham

Agatha Christy

Louis Lamour

Chris Clairmont

Martin Caidin

Issac Asimov


TV shows:


Jake 2.0




Cleopatra 2525


My Hero

Remington Steele


Star Trek

Green Acres

Birds of Prey


Remember above all else: Enjoy Life!

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