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I'm always interested in cool ideas. feel free to PM me with them. I don't write lemons but I'll look at anything else

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I'm still alive. Hurricane Florence booted me from eastern NC. I'm slowly getting things written again.

If you have any questions about my stories, it's better to PM me than leave the question in the review.

I want to share with everyone a review I got from an absolute gem.

Part is a Part:It's a bit strange how many positive reviews you have, especially as so many authors complain about flames.

I can objectively understand how many people may find your writing enjoyable. There are very simple and immediately gratifying aspects to it, common to many (even published original) works.

Personally I find all your writing (the parts I've read at least) quite flat.
Your dialogue, characterizations, settings, and even the various conventions you use seem more two dimensional than the children's books they're sourced from.

I mean no offence, your spelling and grammar are better than most fics out there.
Sadly that's simply not the compliment it should be.

I recommend reading more books.
You can never go wrong with that!

I did not, as you can guess, let this one through. Instead I wanted to put it here to tell anyone who wants to insult my readers intelligence the following: let people like what they like. If you think my stuff is flat, fair enough. But do not insult my readers.

From: TheGrandDisciple

Just wanted to tell you that The Stag and the Flower is amazing. I am not really a Harry/Fleur fan however, the way you wrote this story, an M rated for that matter, is WAY better than most I have read. Everything about it is great. I know you don't write lemons according to your profile. Bummer but I'll live. Lol. Though it would have been cool to read. Lol. You didn't rush the relationship and she's not immediately pregnant. Even better.
You might just make me a fan of this pairing. This is an accomplishment to be proud of. The fact I'm reading this story means your summary convinced me to leave my comfort zone and give it a try since once again, I don't read this pairing. Primarily Harmony, Haruna and Haphne reader.
Thank you for this story and congratulations. :)
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