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Disclaimer: I do not own the source material that my stories are based on, nor the characters and elements involved. Events dictated by the canon timeline are not mine either. I only own my OCs, parodies, self-created elements in my fics, and my thoughts/opinions.

If you find that any of my works are reposted to other platforms without my consent and/or knowledge, please report them (not as if it were your own work), or contact me via FFN, AO3 or Tumblr (AquaEclipse, on all three platforms).

Name: Aqua

Age: Adult

Location: Hong Kong

Pronouns: She/They

As of 12 April 2021, I will no longer be posting to for personal reasons and will be focusing on posting on AO3 from now on, but I will keep my fanfics over here up until the site shuts down. I hope you enjoy a pleasant time with me and my earlier works.

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