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Joined Jul '18

I'm so late. Should had joined fanfiction.net couple of years ago. But I didn't. Sad.

I really do care about Internet privacy so I won't write anything personal here. But yes, I can be such a fangirl at times. :D

At first I was only going to write Batman fanfiction. I was inspired by reading batfam fanfics over the years that it boost my creativity and courage to write similar stories.

Disclaimer, info, and attempt to answer questions that might be asked.

Sure I guess I could take some story requests when I am up to it. I won't write anything above a PG-13/TV-14 rating. I would probably write random ideas that come to mind. I'm still trying to understand the site because at first, I didn't know how to do single or multiple line breaks. (I still don't)

I'm open to any questions at all and welcome feedback.

Eventually, I will alter this profile as time goes by. I need constructive criticism but no flame wars over ships and just mean hate comments please. Its always hard to show emotion through writing. Thanks for reading my profile.

July 2020

I am smol shy bean. I'm still a noob to writing fanfics.

Me: Plot? What is plot?

I hope I inspire other people to do better

January 2021

I'm still here.

I wrote a lot of My Hero Academia fanfics. It's always a leap of faith when I post new fanfic. Will it be cringing or not?

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