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I’m reading Pokemon, Merlin, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul and Harry Potter. Maybe Warriors, but we’ll see...

I am not very involved in fanfiction outside of reading, but one day I might look into beta’ing, however considering how much I’ll have to write before doing so...maybe not!

I will try to list my preferences for fics below for anyone who is looking through my favourites, but it is always possible there are exceptions, as my tastes will have changed over time, as well as my standards. This will hopefully be updated over time, when I feel like it!


Generally traditional trainer fanfiction, but I hate overused Pokémon, like Gardevoir, Dratini, etc. I don’t mind them as Pokémon, but I won’t read many fics with them. I prefer it when authors use some more obscure Pokémon, because it’s just much more creative, isn’t it? I don’t read many books with shipping, since it doesn’t fit in with Pokémon IMO. Also, you’re unlikely to find Misty as much other than a side character since I don’t like her that much.


Basically I don’t like Arthur that much (sue me, I didn’t get over S1 Arthur) and I want an good/evil Morgana to take over Camelot, with or without Merlin. It would also be nice to see something about how Morgause turned Morgana evil, because the time skip didn’t really do it for me, although I get why they didn’t do that. For pairings, I don’t like Arthur, so just generally any of his pairings out the door. I kind of like Mergana, but I’m not invested. I also like the idea of S1 Gwen with Merlin, but Gwen as Queen was just annoying.

Ideas for Stories.

(Challenges, if you will)

Please PM me if you would like to use my ramblings as a basis for a story, and I’ll link it in the appropriate place. If you want you can credit me, but these are vague ideas anyways, and many of them will have come from other authors anyway, who I have credited - if i haven’t please PM me and I’ll credit them! Nonetheless, I would love to read your story!

Naruto -

Naruto as a shinobi in another village, however done well. Don’t make the new village the ’good guys’. No shinobi is ’good’. (you know what I mean, they aren’t taking Naruto in out of the goodness of their hearts, unless they’re Samurai) The way Naruto gets in the village should be realistic - no village would want to risk war with Konoha, especially if they are a small village, and the big villages aready have Jinchūriki - would they risk it? Think like the story Naruto’s Compensation, by DisobedienceWriter, where Naruto leaves the village himself and essentially infiltrates Kusagakure, however a bit more permanently, and with less puppets, or maybe with puppets? It’s up to you! I expect there will be a scene where Naruto’s (or maybe a new name?) jounin sensei, or another ninja finds out he’s a Jinchūriki. Think of the scene in The Unbound Soul, by Mrs , where a character brings a Jinchūriki back from a village. In this case, the Jinchūriki took on an entirely new identity, in order to prevent ire from the village of origin. There are pros and cons, remember, this is a big headache for the village’s leader - it’s not going to be ‘Haha i stole your Jinchūriki’; Konoha will fight back! What happens when Naruto dies? If this is a small village, do they have a Seal Master for the Kyūbi?

What if someone more privileged, from money, wanted to become a ninja but is prevented from doing so as a result of their position? Think Nobles, Daimyos, Heirs, Heiress’, Wealthy Merchants, etc. Or people who don’t live in or near a ninja village. Or people who have some kind of obstacle in their way. Also, why do they wish to become ninja? It isn’t for the lighthearted, and that description fits many, many nobles! What creative ways will they employ to get past them. Daimyo by Day, Ninja by Night...

Also, just generally someone who wants to be a ninja but doesn’t live in a ninja village, and can’t join one for whatever reason. Do they become a bounty hunter like Kakuzu? (I’ll add more ideas later!)

Warring Clans Era fic - Uchiha Centric. Based in a world similar to Compass of thy soul, by Umei no Mai, I imagine, but it doesn’t have to be anything like it - it’s just because i really love the way they built the world of the Uchiha, so it came to mind first! Preferably not focussed on the Uchiha-Senju conflict, although I guess it’s fine if you can’t think more originally; God know I can’t! Could be prior to Madara’s time, canon or AU. So, I was thinking of the Uchiha fan. And I was thinking of Avatar Kyoshi (if you don’t know A:TLA, google her now). Can you see where this is going? So I imagined it like this: the Uchiha clan had their own style of fighting with fans. The fans could also be used for assassinations, and for generally looking cool. As well as using the Sharingan for Genjutsu, I imagine they would use the fans with incredibly cool patterns. Also, the fans could be used to amplify the Katon ninjutsu. You can do essentially anything with the plot, it’s just this thought wouldn’t leave me! You can just make something up if you want to keep it canon. I do know that the Uchiha fan (an uchiwa, i think?) looks very different to Kyoshi’s, but it just came to mind. Take what you will from my ramblings!

Haku-centric. Before Zabuza. So Haku gains a good amount of control over his Hyōton, so no one knows he has it (after he has fled his village). Somehow, a Konoha-nin finds him (in the land of Fire or Water) and mistakes him for a wayward Uchiha, and takes him to Konoha where the Uchiha take care of him, and then more plot stuff. I always thought Haku (and probably the Yuki clan) looked so similar to the Uchiha. Does he join Konoha as a ninja? I don’t think so, since the whole reason he became a ninja was Zabuza. Some Uchiha were civilians (I think?), so he could just be brushed off as someone who hasn’t awakened the Sharingan. I think the Kiri timeline is messed up, so you can have this happen at whatever time seems right, I guess? If you really want to stretch the AU further, you could make Haku actually part Uchiha, but that’s a bit meh. Although it would be funny if he was scared he’d be outed and then he awakens his Sharingan and is shocked!

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