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So, I guess I should have written something on my profile by now...

I'm Thisdudeintheback for those of you who haven't read my username. I won't be giving out my real name for obvious reasons because I need to keep this on the down-low. It would be quite embarrassing for me if someone I knew figured out I'm on this site. Mainly because most of the people I know are adamantly opposed to anime and fanfiction in general. So, it's my guilty pleasure that I'm not really ashamed of.

But, to give you some background on ya boi.

I'm a college student in my sophomore year now, but I've been reading and trying to write my own fanfiction since I was a junior in high school. I didn't post anything because I was a shitty writer back then and was afraid of how it would go. But, so far, I've done pretty well with the stories I've written.

I am majoring in molecular biology and biotechnology in college and have been interested in the sciences for as long as I can remember. I am actually writing a thesis and doing research in Cordyceps in my spare time as it is something I want to work with in the future. Mainly in terms of genetic manipulation to see what would happen and hopefully prevent disease outbreaks by researching mutations.

I'm quite serious about working out as well. I try to do what I can when not working on class stuff or trying to meet the deadlines I've set for my fics. I'm not movie star buff yet, but I'm fairly muscular and athletic. I just do it for health reasons.

I'm blonde too and look like a discount Chris Hemsworth. So, put it together in your brain.

(Imagine Cardin Winchester with blonde hair styled into a fauxhawk. But he's about as tall as Yang.)

Overall, I'm a pretty mellow dude unless you piss me off. People usually say I'm antisocial, but whatever.

Interests beyond what I've described above.

Fics: Usually, ones that are darker and less lighthearted. (The fics I have favourited do not represent the whole scope of what I read. I've got like twenty tabs open for the others.)

Music: Anything from the Dies Irae OST, Berserk OST, Bleach OSTs and several others. I do like EDM but don't listen to it all that much anymore.

Anime: Another, Dies Irae, Berserk, Parasyte, Tokyo Ghoul, Shield Hero, Re:Zero, and the list goes on from here. I couldn't even begin to write everything down.

But that's enough about me. Now for the reason why I like writing fanfictions.

The biggest reason why is because I enjoy taking the characters from my favourite genres and sticking them into different scenarios.

I only plan on writing RWBY fanfics because that is the show I enjoy the most. Whether or not your opinion differs from mine on where the show is going is up for debate.

Vol 3 was the biggest reason why I fell in love with RWBY. That final episode nearly made me burst into tears because of what the characters were going through. Two of my favourite characters had their lives changed forever because of what happened, and the emotions just started coming loose.

Since Vol 3, I've personally loved where the story was going. RNJR was out for revenge after what happened to Beacon. Jaune especially, in my opinion. He developed so much since Vol 2 and to see the condition he was in over Vol's 4 and 5 was tough to watch.

Now the main protagonists have an objective to go after in this upcoming volume which I like better than what was going on in Vol's one and two. (Vol 2 had some of this, but not really since most of what happened was centred around Blake's issues.)

But, my favourite character, overall is Jaune.

The main reason I like him is that I relate to this man. I know how he feels. He wants to become something greater and is willing to put the work into developing himself.

When he lost the girl who was so important to him, it left me in pain to see Jaune lose his composure and break down. That's how much I liked this character because RWBY made me develop and attachment to him.

Not many shows or games have done the same thing. The Last of Us and Telltale's The Walking Dead, and Horizon Zero Dawn are some examples of the kind of thing I get drawn into.

Since Jaune is my favourite character, I wanted to make fics where he is the focus instead of a measly side character. I want to show how this man develops from a weakling into a better man with every chapter I post.

I want to create relationships between the other characters and show their development as well. I love every member of RWBY and JNPR and want to show them coming together as friends as they have in the show.

(I'll add to this as I come up with more.)

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