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My name is DevilDragonSlayer, but my friend's call me Scarlett, Red, FuntimeKitty and DDS. I live in Adelaide, the city of churches (No I don't go to church) and i have blonde hair and blue eyes. My grandfather fought in the Vietnam war and his father fought in World War Two. My great, great grandfather fought in the Boer War, South Africa; fight between the British and the Duch. South Africa was a terrible war, Australia fought in it, lost a lot of people. He died at Spion Coph by a machette. Machetes' are used to chop tree's with. Cut to pieces. My grandad on my grandmother's side was ran over by a train and he was cut in three peices. Those are all of my mother's side.My father's dad had the same birthday as me. I don't remember his name but he built a giant dragon statue made out of horse, dog and cat bones that was higher than his house. Now, usually people would put it in a art museum. But not back then. Neighbour's complained and he was forced to take it down. He died by having a seizure. I wish it was in a museum so I can see it with my own eyes. I love dragons.My dad is head chef in Queens Land and he lives with my my brother kane (age 10) and my other brother Blake (Age 5) and his wife Jordan. My step-mother.

My mother is a business owner of Vixen Painting and Decorating. Her name is Sarah Greig and she works really hard to look after me, my four parrots,

and our cat. I read warrior cat's, manga and love to watch some anime. Like Fairytail, Blue Exorcist, Nanbaka, Vampire Knight, HSHC, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Assassination Classroom and other anime's i forgot.

  1. Anime's that had made me cry were Wolf Children and Koe No Katachi.
  2. My favourite super hero would have to be... Iron Man/Tonystark from Marvel and Superman from DC.
  3. My favourite villan from Marvel is Loki and my favourite from DC is Joker.
  4. My favourite game is FNAF
  5. My favourite movie is Avengers.
  6. My preffered warrior cat is Tigerstar.
  7. My Favourite Villian in General: Voldemort
  8. My Favourite Hero in General: Rin Okumura
  9. My Favourite Subject's to Write About: Fantasy, Fanfiction, Romance, Adventure, Action and Horror.
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