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Tempest Novastorm PM
Joined Jul '18

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whoever you are that have stumbled across my profile page.

You may know me as Tempest Novastorm, or you may know me as machi.

Ongoing stories:

- Oh Dumbledore, We're just getting started.

A few things about me

- Hogwarts house: Slytherin

- Patronus: Sphynx Cat

- Favourite colour: Black or light grey

- I adopt a lot of unfinished fics, much to Aoelian Oakdown's frustration

- I was a judge for Season 3 of the International Wizarding School Championship (writing competition), great competition, any HP writers fond of writing competitions should go check it out

I have an account on Ao3, also going by the name Tempest Novastorm

You can find me on discord machi#3043 if you wish to chat

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