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Well better write something ... erm I'm15, a girl and live in Surrey ( England!). I love reading fanfiction but have only tried writing it once. I read all fics, slash AU etc. Some of my favourite pairings are.

Lily + James

Remus + Tonks

Ron + Hermione

Andromeda + Ted Tonks

Tonks + Remus

George + Luna. If anyone has any of these please tell, me I love them!

As much as I love this site there are some wicked others you may want to check out, put you stories there. The hyperlinks don't work just type them in your search engine. If anyone has any others send them to me and I'l put them up here too.

I enjoy reading fanfiction, Harry Potter and others, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan etc and if somebody wants someone to read their work and give comments, I would be happy to oblidge. If anyone wants some challenges or just ideas for writing I would be happy to help. I review pretty much all the stories I read and I love giving my views, constructive criticism, ideas and just commenting in general. Check out my favourite stories their all brilliant and really worth reading. Well thats all for now. Ciao K x

I have one story up yay! I own nothing obviously it all goes to the brilliant JK! Any comments are very much welcome bad or good!

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