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Bleach Stories

GVGC : Girls vs. Guys Camp (Complete)

Fenikkusu : Phoenix.(Complete)

Private Academy (Complete)

GVGC 2 : All over again. (Forever Hiatus)
Anyone who has read GVGC: Girls vs. Guys Camp will understand that this is the SEQUEL to the first one.

Three years later, and still faithful as ever, Karin gets an email from GVGC. They need her help. After thousands of emails she finally hops on to the bus only to have no place to seat. However, there seems to be some mysterious man in the background telling people to be extremely nice to her. She meets a man in the forest and everything slowly gets confusing. Karin is trapped in the forbidden aspect of love. And why is Toushirou's name on everything? Plus, where is he?

Only a Student (Forever Hiatus)
This is another school type story. Though Toushirou is the teacher and Karin is the student. This a more dramatic then my previous ones. And is still in the works. Actually I have a time line and Class list and everything to help keep everything organized. Once I finish my other stories then I am posting this one.There is a summary inside the first chapter so I hope what I have here can satisfy your needs.


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