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I registered at FF because sometimes I suddenly get a inspiration for a story. You'll find stories written by me or some poetry.

Things about me

I'm Dutch and live in Amsterdam. Because of this there may be a few grammar or time mistakes. If you see some please pm me about it. Also some of the poetry will be in Dutch.

I like manga, fantasy things, elfs, vampire stories( go Anne Rice!), badminton, raceing, athletics and really loud music.

Seeing how I have no problem with gay people there might be some yaoi/yuri and shonen-ai/shojo-ai.

If you don't like it, then that's you're problem.

Favo couples

kai/rei (beyblade)

kai/tala ( beyblade)

phoebe/cole (charmed)

usagi/ heero (sailormoon,gundamwing)

heero/ duo (gundam wing)

harry/ tom ( harry potter)

harry/voldemort (harry potter)

Favo quotes

God created men, and then he said : "Oh, too late, the harm is done !" - unknown

I don't have anger issues, so if that's what you think you can take those ideas, shove it and go to Hell ! - Kai, from Beyblade

Even the Devil was once an Angel - unknown

I didn't fail, I just found 10 000 ways it woudn't work... - Thomas Edison

The one who knows do not talk. The one who talks do not know.

God must love the poor, otherwise He wouldn't have created so much - Abraham Lincoln

If you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at the people He's giving it... - Irish saying

If I'd had a dime for every time you said the word "destiny", I'd be richer - Seto Kaiba, from Yu-Gi-Oh

To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world... - unknown

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits - Albert Einstein

As finishing touch, God created the Dutch! - T-shirt

The rain was for people who wanted to cry and didn’t want anyone to notice. - Two Worlds, One Life & A Whole Lot o' People

Sites I like

2tylish a Gackt site

fanfiction.net( duh)

LLiNK ecological and political and human-rights site

http:// feminist-like site against the perfect woman (tip!!)

Stories from other sites

Harry potter and the summer vacation with the perfect soldier by Elf

A year like none other by Aspen in the sunlight

Blood Magic by GatewayGirl


I'm looking for a story named 'the scars of love', it was on media a while ago. I think they removed it or changed the title. it's a yu-gi-oh story. the story is about atemu(yami) when he was a pharaoh. he fell in love with a belly dancer. and they married, I think, but bakura abducted her or something.

if you know this story, please tell me!

I'm also looking for 2 other stories. one is a harry potter/inuyasha story. harry gets stuck in the inuyasha time and get taken as prisoner. he and sesshoumaru fall in love.
the second one is a sailormoon/gundamwing story. sailormoon's identity isn't known to the others and quatre is some kind of sailor knight(?). there is also a bit of usa/trowa and usa/jadite.

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