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Hey folks, I'm Mingan! Recently reactivated after several years of inactivity (my old penname was Ector, I had 2 WoW stories, I plan on re-posting/re-writing/completing). MinganIsABeast is also my gamertag for League of Legends and Steam.

The name Mingan is of Native American origins meaning "gray wolf" and holds great significance for me. First off, it is the name of my currently retired WoW character/story protagonist, Mingan, who was my first character ever since I started playing WoW back in 2005. Gray is a medium between black and white, the shade varying on distance within the color spectrum and represents neutrality, complimenting all other colors well. I strongly believe that things in the world exist in multiple shades of gray balanced between "black" and "white", relativity rather than absolute to either side, seeking to understand all perspectives, order and chaos going hand in hand, Yin/Yang, etc. The wolf is also an important symbolic animal to me, representing free will, determination in the face of adversity, the ability to affect morale, and various roles of leadership: the wolf in the pack as a follower, the alpha stepping up to lead, and the lone wolf who still survives despite all odds.

Anyhow, after that philosophical monologue (I tend to go off on those sometimes...), I suppose I should actually introduce myself! I'm currently a male college student (hoping to change that soon, as in being graduated, don't plan on changing the male part though). I've enjoyed gaming, animanga, and roleplay for years. The first game I ever played was StarCraft and I also enjoyed various other classic games while growing up (countless DOS games and old PC games, SNES, all those wonderful Playstation RPGs, etc.). I view leadership as a way of life rather than a toolbox, thus I try to exercise that in online gaming through trying to be a positive influence. I've read/watched countless animanga series of different genres and I've also had the privilege of visiting Japan on multiple occasions! Other literary influences include but are not limited to: the Chinese Classics "Journey to the West" and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", mythology worldwide, classic English literature (Shakespeare, Robin Hood, L'Morte D'Arthur, Canterbury Tales, the like), Dune, LOTR, Harry Potter, ASOIAF, any book about leadership...I like to believe I have a somewhat erudite background.

My taste in music is very open-minded, I'll listen to everything at least once and try to view it all objectively rather than subjectively. Actually, I'm quite open-minded about most things and enjoy intelligent discussion about a variety of subjects; life is too short to be close-minded.

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