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For those of you wishing to know when I am going to update: Soon. Soon. I'm writing Loyalty Beyond Hope and Searching For Realism rn. It's still tied between The Pretender and Death, for the last story I should update.

My stories that I rather like/am kinda proud of:

The Angel's Diary (Doctor Who, semi-complete, this account)

The Amnesiac (Naruto, incomplete, EpicInsanity9)

The Unsorted Snake (Harry Potter, incomplete, unpublished)

What I'd Do... Maybe (Marvel, incomplete, unpublished)

Quotes I've made.

Since you cannot go back in life, you must go forward.

Sometimes you try and see what you can't so much that you don't see what's right in front of you.

I work better under stress, but I'm usually too stressed to do anything.

If you're going to be yourself, don't hold back. Be yourself to the maximum. Be so much of yourself that others think you're weird, or alien, or "special". Be yourself so much that you leave others wishing they could be themselves like you are.

You'll never get anything done if you don't do something.

Enjoy life. You might not be able to in death.

The expression "There is no try, there's only do or don't" is wrong. There are four types of action one can take. Do and can, which is winning or succeeding. Can and don't, which is laziness or failure or losing (you can't win that way). Do and can't, which is trying or losing (this is the height of humanity, the best one can be if they do this action, on equal level of do and can). And lastly, and leastly, Don't and can't, which is quitting before you start, the ultimate failure.

I hate understanding, but I hate not understanding more, and so my empathy levels are so damned high that it hurts to exist sometimes.

Asking questions is great, even if they are stupid questions. You can never lose by trying to understand.

Name: I change it so much... Just call me whatever

Gender: Female

Age: Too Old to be Happy, too Young to die

Race: White

Etc etc.

"There's no point in doing anything if you don't enjoy either the action or the result. If you find that if by my logic there's nothing to do, then just die." I mean, overpopulation is a thing, and the universe dies the more and more movement occurs, so... If you don't enjoy doing anything, and/or you don't enjoy the destination of doing the things, (and/if you're not planning/able to change that) then what's the point, you know?

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want me to update faster? Donate and see my speedy updates: https:// pal .com/donate/?hosted_button_id=P6DXG323254M4 My username for it is Scarsienna, because I have a blog now too that uploads Original Works. Want to see that, too? It's www.scarsienna .com. I hope you enjoy my efforts for you. (Also totally writing a Spider-Man story on here, soon).

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