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Hey everyone,

Wow, this needs to be updated. First and foremost, I love writing. Aside from eating, sleeping, and working out, it's the one thing I want to do everyday. That being said, I have 3 projects on the block. They're the 3 fandoms that I've wanted to write for since the very beginning of this journey. Naruto, Harry Potter, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Last Prayer: My Naruto fanfiction and most original work of the 3. I'm currently working on this one the most, primarily because the chapters tend to average around 17 thousand words, give or take. So, the update for this fic is around once a month. I used to pull out twice a month, but the story was flowing more in the beginning.

From Ruin: This is my Harry Potter fanfiction and inspired by I'm Still Here by the amazing Kathryn518. Yes, I do have her permission. It's currently on hiatus since The Last Prayer required more attention. I do have another Harry Potter fanfic in the pipeline, but I'm waiting until I complete this one.

Chain of Ascension: My Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction and the latest entry to my body of work. I'd always wanted to write a BtVS fanfic starring Xander, however, I never had the right story... that is until this past August. I was struck with this monstrous plot bunny that would not leave me in peace until I wrote it all down. The outline alone was 250K so this is going to be another monster of a fic. UPDATE: I completed this fic.

The main themes to all my stories is fix-it/redo type of stories. I also love time travel and science so I try to put as much of that in as I can. If you like to PM me, I try to answer everyone. If you'd like to support my writing in original content(because why should Utubers be the only ones making $$ off of content), I have a Pay-Tree-on. Name is Grae Foxx

https://www (dot) (Pay-Tree-On) (dot) com/bePatron?u=24645562

Thank you all very much.

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