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Joined Aug '06
nick names-kel,ann,bringer of insanity :)

location-USA.Chicago IL


favorite TV shows- stargate atlantis,CSI las vagas,dragon booster, digimon, .hacksign, evangieon,mithical detective loki,outlaw star,DNAngle,knight rider,team knight rider,

ZOIDS!ZOIDS!ZOIDS!(can you tell i like zoids?).

Favorite movies-dragon heart 1&2, rein of fire, dragon fighter, nationl treasure, knight rider 2000,jurney to the center of the earth transformers(2007)

Favorite quotes-

- I refuse you reality and substitute my own

-I need to get a reality check...my last one bounced

-let’s go nock on deaths door...then run away before he


-never look behind you...there may be an arrow gaining

-some people are born into greatness. Some people stumble into greatness

And some people get all the responsibilities without the recognition

-a neat and clean house is the sign of a disturbed mind

-another day, another deity

- Grand destiny’s tend to get you grand funerals

-better to prepare for an ambush and look stupid than not

and look dead

-im sure what you don’t know could fill several books

-shin'a'in cures (heralds of valdamar) may your life be interesting

-we boldly don’t know where were going

-silence is golden...duck tap is silver :-)

(my freinds shirt) i am a ninja you can not see me

-(another shirt)its not pink! its lightish red!

-the scientific term for a fear of long words is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (who ever thought that up must of had a twisted seanes of humor!)

-- Storys--

Zoids:project manticore.
Zoids X really world. altara love zoids so much that she trys to build one,someone takes intrest and altara is of on a quest
to learn to fight with her new zoids the blade fox before an evil zoid named manticore is awakend.with a little unexpected help.

unsung hero's

transformers, why did no one ask about what happend to ghost 1?

A sword named Need.

knight rider X hearlds of valdamar

Need really needs to learn to keep her mouth shut,and to say you will never do somthing again is just tempting fate.

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