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Since I have a pretty good feeling most of the questions will boil down to: Will you continue writing Troy? Will it be risen from its grave?

Yes. Troy will be rewritten but not by me. I've passed the honor to a different writer.

Why did you quit writing Troy?

I've several reasons but I'll go over the primary ones.

The first had to do with life issues that had mostly to do with college workload. I had it bad enough with job hunting (I ended up with a high-paying job).

Second was that I introduced too many characters from both the Greek/Trojan and the Halo side. Basically I was killing myself by doing this since I was needlessly dragging the story on and on.

Third, with the first and second reasons mounting on my back, I no longer had passion to write. From there it was just a fast trip down a rocky slope.

What brought me down even more from continuing the story during then is that I had received criticisms from the audience that covered several points of Troy. When I look back at Troy now, I'm far from impressed by it. Honestly, it looks like a pile of disorganized mess.

Some of the major criticisms I had received were:

1. Bulky texts with little to no spacing. A good portion of paragraphs was around a page long.

2. Introduced too many characters - especially from the Halo/Trojan sides. I know I mentioned this already but for the sake of it I'll just say this again.

3. The ancient characters speak too dramatically to the point of confusion or corniness.

4. 'Purple prose' writing style - excessive/unnecessary descriptions shoved in paragraphs. This also led to ludicrous word counts for most chapters.

5. Chief being constantly referred as 'Stranger' throughout the chapters.

6. Constant improper use of epithets.

7. Improper use of Greek titles - such as confusing Heracles with the Roman Hercules.

8. The term 'futuristic soldier' used to describe Chief.

9. Italics and capital letters and especially the latter were obnoxiously overused in quotes.

10. Authors notes being too long in Q and A formatting.

There are most probably more but this is all I could come up with for now.

This guy that'll write the story in your stead - is he good?

He's not a random nobody that I found by surfing through the web. We've befriended each other face to face since freshman year through several literature courses in college. I can safely say that his writing skills are vastly superior to mine in several fields. I'm not in any way being humble.

Please fire away if there are more questions that would like to be answered.


I would like to apologize for my sudden absence and deletion of Troy. My frustration and immaturity had gotten the better of me.

I would also like to apologize to the ones that I shunned for providing genuine criticisms. I had been arrogant and foolish back then. What little had the old me realized is that those offering the criticisms had been right all along.

I would especially like to apologize to those that have been excruciatingly waiting for a possible announcement for all this time. Words alone cannot express the pain you've all went through - and I am genuinely, sincerely sorry for that.


The rewrite is officially released! The author of the rewrite is: ClancyJr. He let me have a look at the first couple chapters and they're all looking solid!

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