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I will be doing 2-3 stories at a time so that I don't get caught up in to much work trying to update evenly I will try my absolute hardest to complete every one of my stories and do quick updates.

Some Quotes I Have Found Over The Years

If everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

When life shuts its door in your face, you open it back up because that's how doors work.

If life gives you lemons, you make orange juice and let the rest of the world forever wonder just how the hell you actually did it.

If at first you do not succeed, skydiving is not for you.

Now time for some Percy Jackson WOULD YOU RATHER

A. Percy is a son of Zeus or B. Percy is a son of Hades

A. Percy x Annabeth or B. Percy x Nico

A. Nico x Will or B. Nico x Percy

A. Percy evil or B. Percy dies

A. Luke good, but Percy evil or B. Percy good, but Luke evil

A. Kronos possess Percy or B. Kronos possess Annabeth

A. Percy gaurdian of the Hunt or B. Percy champion of Chaos

Some of the many differences between the books and movies of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Not in any specific order, just writing them down as I think of them):

1 In the beginning of the movie, Percy is in a pool, despite the books never mentioning a pool

2 The age difference between the book characters and movie characters

3 Annabeth and Percy were on the same team in capture the flag in the books, but in the movie, they are on opposite sides

4 Clarisse and Dionysus are not mentioned or seen in the movie

5 Chiron knows who Percy's father is in the movie, despite in the books having no knowledge other than a guess until Percy was claimed

6 No hellhound attacked Percy in the begining movie

7 It was Luke who invited Percy on his capture the flag team in the movies, despite it being Annabeth in the books

8 Annabeth has straight ginger hair in the movies, despite having curly blond hair in the books

9 We never see the Big House in the movie

10 Annabeth never shows Percy the camp in the movie

11 We never see the first sword match between Percy and Luke in the movie

12 Percy is never placed in the Hermes cabin in the movie, nor do we really meet anyone there

13 Luke is playing video games, despite the books not only never mentioning that, but the fact that when demigods use electronics, they summon monsters

14 Luke gives Percy a shield in the movie along with Hermes sneakers, despite no shield being given in the book

15 Percy, Annabeth and Grover snuck out in the movie, instead of being sent on a quest like in the books

16 Hades wants the Master Bolt in the movies, despite never wanting it in the books

17 The scene with Charon was different in the movie than it was in the book, a disappointment really

18 Luke got the flag in the book, but in the movie, it was Percy

19 The Ares campers never attacked Percy in the capture the flag game in the movie

20 There were no sacrifices to the gods in the movie

21 There were centaurs seen in Camp Half-Blood at the beginning of the movie, but no centaurs are in Camp Half-Blood in the book

22 No prophecy was issued in the movie

23 Ares never appears in the movie and Percy never fights him

24 the movie never mentions the Helm of Darkness

25 In the movie, Persephone is in the underworld despite her not only never being there in the book, but she was with Hades in the summer

26 Grover is left in the underworld instead of Percy's mom in the move

27 Percy used a phone to see Medusa in the movie, but he used something else in the book, I forgot what it was

28 How they met and killed Medusa was different in the movie and book

29 Percy kept Medusa's head in the movie, but he sent it to the gods in the book

30 Grover's appearance and personality are different in the movie than they are in the book

31 We never see the Oracle in the movie

32 No train ride in the movie, despite them riding one in the books

33 We never see the Furies on the bus in the movie

34 Percy never gets Ares' shield from the waterpark and the backpack comes from Luke in the movie

35 We never see Cerberus in the movie

36 The pearls in the movie are a big deal, but in the books, they were given by a Nymph and required no questing to find

37 Percy killed Alecto in the books, but in the movie she just flies away

38 The movie never went into the Percy-is-fooled-by-the-Mist plot that the book did

39 The Lotus Casino scenes and magic were different in the movie than the were in the book

40 In the book, Percy flew back to New York, in the movie, that never happened

41 the fight between Percy and Luke at the Empire State Building never happened in the books, just in the movie

42 In the movie, all the gods were at the council, in the books, it was just Zeus and Poseidon

43 The elevator operator was never shown in the movie

44 Percy never fought the Chimera in the movie, nor did he jump from the Arc

45 Percy killed the Minotaur with its own horn in the book, but in the movie, he stabbed it with Riptide

46 No monster dust is ever created when monsters die in the movie

47 The gang never go to the St. Louis Arch in the movie

48 Percy never sees a flash of the Nemean Lion in the movies, despite seeing it on the train in the book, of course there was no train ride in the movie, so...

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