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About Certain Dark Things:

Certain Dark Things is an AU retelling of the original Harry Potter series, in which Harry Potter is born a girl and later Sorted into Slytherin House. The book covers the original seven years and beyond, featuring a magical Britain that has succumbed to a silent coup. The fragments of Voldemort's soul have gained their own sentience, their own agendas, and have their own methods for attaining power. Facing insurmountable odds in a world that has already lost the war, Harriet must find allies in new places, form new friendships, and learn skills that will let her persevere against more than one version of the same Dark Lord who killed her family.

The "M" rating is for language and darker themes.

Certain Dark Things: IN PROGRESS (Now in Year 5)

From Graves Somewhere (CDT Prequel): IN PROGRESS

About One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth:

One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth begins in 1987, when Severus Snape takes Juniper Potter away from her abusive relatives and raises her on his own abroad. He faces challenges as the single guardian of the Girl-Who-Lived, avoiding Dumbledore and British Wizarding world while trying to find a way to protect his ward from the Dark Lord.

- One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth: NO LONGER UPDATING ON FFN

About The Theory of Magic:

The story for The Theory of Magic progresses through all seven years of Harry Potter's time at Hogwarts, with every year diverging farther from the events depicted in canon. The plot centers mainly around the life of an original character named Delphinia "Fi" Dullahan and the bonds she forms with both Severus Snape and Harry. I strive to create realistic characters with plausible motives, so some canon characters may have elements of "OoC" personalities, and there are several original characters besides Fi herself with fleshed out backgrounds and histories.

- The Theory of Magic: ON HOLD (Now in Year 2)

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