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Hidy hidy! Paladeus here.

7/21/2015 - So, update for everyone who has been asking. I've been unable to write anything but drabbles for the last couple of years since I've been crazy busy. I know that sounds like a ridiculous explanation, but there you go. I'm back, I'm going to be writing. I have several things I've started in what was essentially a "Notepad" text editor, and most of it was a series of individual scenes and read like it was written by someone with ADD, ADHD and had an evil friend with a laser pointer who likes to treat the author like a dog/cat and distract them. Ergo, they won't be posted, but I'll be writing again and posting soon. Look below at future story ideas to see what I'm working on. Pride will still be my focus. Might go to "Ambitious" before going back to "Darkened Paths", though. It'd be an epic, however, meaning likely not. o.o

04/25/2016 - Update the second. Due to health issues, I've been away since my almost-year-ago promise to come back. Yay. Anyway, if everything goes well, I should be stable and writing again in 2-ish months - Kevin

Pairings: Naruto and Hinata, Harry and Hermione are the only pairings that matter (though I've recently become a fan of Harry/Hermione/Luna and Naruto/Hinata/Ino.) I cannot stand stories where those girls are not with those boys, no matter what else happens.

I hope to become the ultimate authority on Lunar Harmony (Harry/Hermione/Luna) stories by writing more than anyone else, maintaining quality, and number of stories.

Wanna know anything that I don't put on here? Well, alright, but just ask. E-mail up top.

Contacts via messenger are Paladeus@ and Paladeus_Reborn@ on MSN or Windows Messenger and Skype (If you message me on Skype, say it was from here or I'll assume you're another of those spam bots that keep finding me and, forewarning, I'm rarely on it where I can chat.)

If you want to save/download any stories on FFN, ficwad, , and others, I'd recommend going to: fanfictiondownloader (dot) net - It's a program I use to download all the stories in various formats. If you have an iPad, there is , which will download stories directly to your device.

All Naruto stories are in the Naru/Hina C2 archive and all Harry Potter stories are in my C2 archive. Primary ships are going to be Naruto/Hinata and Harry/Hermione.

"The Book of Requirement: Quidditch Dreams" is my C2 archive. It features stories that are primarily Harry/Hermione in the Harry Potter fandom. They are stories that aren't completely horrible, and some of my favourites. I add to it whenever I find a Harry/Hermione fic that doesn't look to be written by a 10 year old. There may be another pairing thrown in, but they will be few and far in between. Also, they are what I find to be exceptional. Expect Harry/Hermione and Harry/Hermione/Luna (mostly Harry/Hermione). Those are the only ones I find pleasing. If you find something you think I would like, E-mail me if you care to take the time/trouble or would like to manage this C2. Thankies!


Each story will have detailed notes in the Forums (Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/myforums/Paladeus/1110582/) Full summaries, shippings, ratings, et cetera. You will also find challenges and general discussion. Assuming people comment in it.


Darkened Paths: Due to massive inquiries, I'll say here for all to read that "Darkened Paths" is a story I work on when I want a break from "Death's Pride" and will be the story I likely focus on after Pride is finished (with the possible exception of two very short stories I may do instead, which both will likely cover a few months' worth of time until their completion, getting perhaps to three hundred thousand words, which most of you know is very easy for me.) Possible story ideas to take its place are "The Only Thing" and another I haven't discussed with anyone yet.

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna, James/Lily, Xenophilius/Celeste

Next Chapter: 40% Complete

Death's Pride: My primary Harry Potter story and constant focus. I am hoping to update on the first of each month, at least. Due to an awkwardly high number of requests and inquiries, I'll be considering writing the naughty scenes, but will not post them here on FFN. I'll consider HPFFA and Ficwad, however.

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna, Neville/Susan/Hannah, Ron/Lavender, Draco/Pansy - Daphne/?, Sirius/?, Remus/?, Blaise/?

Next Chapter: 70% Complete (MUCH smaller than original chapter I had, which was already cresting 100K words, but had to build a new PC when previous fried.)

Into the Rabbit Hole: A Harry Potter collection of one-shots, drabbles and ideas. It gets updated at various times. Entries will be anywhere from "K" to "M" and range from plot bunnies taking over an orphanage to Dark Lady Luna and her army of monkeys in butler uniforms acting as enforcers (and war-ravaged futures of Armageddon with graphic war scenes and the like, but I wanted to comment on the butler enforcers.)

Title Pending (Population Control): This is a realization I had concerning the magical world. Population control. There are SO FEW magicals in the world compared to muggles, or even how many there had been twenty years previously, much less further back. Harry's year had a third(?) of the number Snape's did for OWL's. This was right after a war with Voldemort. A few years before that, there was the war with Grindelwald. Throw in the fanon joke of Binns talking about nothing but goblin rebellions (and assuming that's correct,) the fact the Statute of Secrecy went into effect around the time of the witch burnings when magicals were hunted, their own isolation after that, the Black Death/Plague and other such things, magicals are close to getting to a point where they just can't sustain their numbers. The idea of this story is to make it very dark, fairly sexualized (slavery is not only allowed, but a guilty person who would get death can be offered to live as the victim's slave, which could or could not be better than death, but it is magically enforced, of course, and pregnancy is encouraged after OWL's.) Birth control stops being allowed in fourth year unless there is an allowance made for a special reason (say, a betrothal,) betrothed couples MUST live together after obtaining OWL's unless they request it earlier. Similarly, the magical world, as a separate culture that loathes all things muggle, they will have most DEFINITELY grown differently than muggle Britain and kept many Medieval trends and beliefs. Except, of course, that several centuries of trying to protect themselves and maintain numbers was a focus on their development, so that will reflect there. As an example of how different things are, an orphanage is the most politically powerful and wealthiest organization in this universe and rather than blood superiority, Voldemort's message was more about magical superiority, following on Grindelwald and Dumbledore's original plans of enslaving muggles as servants and breeding stock to boost their numbers. Detailed notes and descriptions of possible story directions will be found in my forum soon, with ONE version of my idea showing up in my "Into the Rabbit Hole" fic soon.

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna/Others(?), Neville/Susan(?)/Hannah(?)/Others(?) - Depends on plot choice taken

Title Pending (Dark Lady McGonagall): From my one-shot series, there is a fic wherein McGonagall is the dark brains behind Harry's life. Through her good person persona, she tricks Dumbledore into becoming her minion, magically, without him realizing it. Snape is trapped and essentially forced to agree or die to becoming her slave. Her intention is to breed out the muggles and allow magicals to become the dominant society on earth all because of something from her past that drives her. This would use a time-turner during third year (currently shown in the one-shot story,) or during the DoM fiasco in fifth year, where a few won't be missed with so many destroyed, to abuse a time-turner for training (unlikely.)

Untitled Steampunk Anthology: Luna and her father are part of a growing subculture within the magical world that Britain refuses to acknowledge, of course, and builds her mother's airship, but needs Hermione's help to make it actually work (magical flight and Luna's recreation/invention of an actual JET ENGINE for emergencies without blowing up) while Harry is advised he's the new Captain of what becomes the all-female (other than him) crew of the Sylph, including a Tonks who can't stop getting snogged or groped by a Harry who is told by Hr/L that they like to be surprised. It isn't all robotic butlers, creepy-staring mechanical horses and unexploded ordinances. Ginny, worried she's going to lose Harry, manipulates Neville into building his OWN ship to chase them down and the two argue constantly over who is actually the captain. Plus, a Sirius who has to try and stay hidden, but stows away with Neville's ship to fulfill one of the Marauder's fantasies - Namely, shagging a girl in every country (on-screen nudity, no on-screen sex.) Several concept crossovers with various sources that fit the "steampunk" concept, such as Van Helsing, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sherlock Holmes (wind-up taser, for example,) etc.

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna/(sorta)Tonks, Neville/Ginny (both refuse to give up the captaincy and Neville determines he bought it, she can't kick him out of the bed, but he'll share - cue eyebrow waggle,) Sirius/various unknowns

Bat Guano Crazy: Harry sacrificed himself not for the world, but just for Hermione during the final battle and didn't come back. Unable to cope with losing what became the center of her universe, which she only realized after losing him, she decides he's gone, but can get him back, though she needs the 'anything-is-possible' mind of Luna to do the calculations as Time is NOT a constant, grudgingly accepting the other girl going back with her. Time-travel to their time traveling adventure in Third Year, the now almost Bellatrix-like Hermione and skittish Luna warn Harry of what is coming before advising him that they've proclaimed him their Lord & Master, that means he's now officially classed as a Gray Lord since he won't go dark and Hermione won't go light while Luna will follow Harry - Anything to avoid Malfoy Manor again. This won't be worked on until I have a full outline, or at least an idea of the ending. I just like the idea of Hermione being ... not insane, exactly, but a SEVERE whack to her obsessive compulsive nature, focusing on Harry and willing to do anything it takes to keep him alive.

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna, Neville/Ginny (how else to get rid of a fangirl than to give her a new target?)

Obsession: This was the original idea behind "Bat Guano Crazy", which I may keep. End of second year, Harry is terrified to lose Hermione after she's been petrified and after learning she almost died, becomes obsessed with her and her protection. Rituals, enslavement, mind control, etc. Nothing is out of bounds to reach his goal, which is to stay with her his whole life (there is love, of course) to stay the course. Featuring Juggernaut!Harry as a dual personality of sorts when danger is around and a Luna who does what the Weasleys never did and helps them understand the magical world and the pitfalls and traps and how to avoid many, especially those pesky things that only affect muggleborn, realistically (such as the "trace".) Gray orientations - Good desires, anything-goes methods.

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna, Ginny/Lavender (just to screw with Ron's head when he learns his first pick of girls is with his little sister,) Neville/Padma/Parvati/Susan (because I never really see Neville standing out on his own, relationship-wise; at least in a semi-serious fic,) Ron/?, Tonks/?

Untitled Albus-Bashing Story: Harry didn't learn about the horcrux in his scar until the final battle. The numbers just didn't add up! Diary, Ring, Cup, Nagini, Diadem, Locket - Six horcruxes (as expected,) and Voldemort, then Harry makes eight. Nothing special about it. Add in a dark lord who kills Snape rather than disarms him to "win" the Elder Wand and Harry doesn't become the victor since NO ONE ELSE KNEW about the scar. OR, possibly they realize the stupidity of making a living creature (Nagini) a horcrux UNLESS that living creature happens to be the only one who can kill you, according to prophecy. To that end, what if Harry's scar WASN'T accidental and Nagini WASN'T a horcrux as they believed and went into the "final battle" without knowing?

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna is only surety in this one unless it ends a depressing one-shot at some point.

Ambitious: From the get-go, Harry wanted his new life in the magical world to be the exact opposite of his muggle one. He would learn everything, he would bend to no one's will but his own, he would be strong and he would be at the top of the hierarchy rather than the bottom. He questions everything and everyone's motives (too jaded otherwise,) and DOESN'T latch onto Ron like a beaten puppy, but chooses his people carefully. Hermione is much the same, but rather than a social hierarchy, she wants to be known for her intelligence and wisdom, to be praised by as many as possible for her knowledge rather than ridiculed. Harry is successful, Hermione isn't. Not until that fateful Halloween, where the studious girl becomes Harry's first ally and real friend. At least after she proves the existence of life debts and how by social custom in the magical world and her failure to succeed up to that point, leads her to become his vassal, magically-accepted to give Harry his lordship, emancipation and push both of their agendas forward when Hermione realizes he's her best bet to survive, and that he cared enough to come for her. Alpha!Harry, Loyal!Companion!Hermione. Harry claims the loyalty of all those that end up owing him life debts and his ultimate goal is basically to become a Grey Lord and rule as much as possible, while also hoping to merge magic and tech to avoid future loss of fossil fuels and spread out into the stars (with magical portals, of course, to connect the planets with each of "his" girls ruling one planet each for those not "farm planets" for resources.)

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna/Tonks/Ginny

(Title Pending) Duality: A story where Harry is smart enough to ask about his holdings and learns of family homes and magics. Then, learns his family was well known (and oft-targeted) because they were so great at so many things. And THAT is because they use power-enhancement rituals for strength, time-compression chambers for training, and they loot their enemies to the bedrock because they started out as cat burglars who used what they stole to their benefit. Yes, this is basically "Larceny, Lechery and Luna Lovegood" by Rorschach's Blot in concept/premise. I've long-ago received permission to do this, but mostly because I love the idea of the Potters being hailed as the Lightest of the Light families with such a secret past. Plus, I want Harry and his girls to use time-magic to also portray themselves as superheros (a concept the magical world is unfamiliar with outside of those like Merlin). Ginny wants Harry to the point she'd rape him (almost) while he runs, and his villain persona acts the same towards Ginny's hero persona (think Happosai from Ranma 1/2 or Master Roshi from Dragonball/Dragonball Z - He gropes, he steals kisses, he even steals her knickers, while she's wearing them. He's THAT good of a thief!) There'll be a LITTLE crossover with Mouse! and DNAngel in the master thief department. Harry's villain persona will be well known for pilfering panties and bra's before anything most consider "valuable". Hermione's will be the same predilection for books while Luna takes anything shiny not nailed down, and if it is, she may take whatever it's nailed to, as well. You can also see a version of this (started very differently) in my "Into the Rabbit Hole" story. NO SEX SHOWN, but nudity and panty-thieving moments, definitely. Oh, and all the pilfered underwear mysteriously finds its way to Albus' office or pockets and the like. McGonagall thinks Fawkes is the panty thief, knowing Albus' preference for men.

Ships: Harry/Hermione/Luna, Ron/Draco/Crabbe/Goyle (REVENGE! ... Maybe,) and dunno what else. Meant to be crack and comedy. To give you an example, Neville becomes the ladies' man on campus. Maybe (it may end up Collin while Neville "protects" Ginny's virtue from the rogue villain out for her knickers - maybe an epic task to "win her heart" by returning them, constantly ending up with the wrong ones.) Ron may or may not get beaten constantly, trying to fit her for a chastity belt.


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