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I decided to write some stuff regarding the RWBY Series, and I'd like to pen them down here first so that I could get to remember and write them out sometimes. Plot is below. So, my vision is a simple and short multi-chapter series (around 5, less than 10; running at 3k to 10k words each). The premise is each RWBY girls gets the chance to have their own story with our man of suffering, Jaune Arc. Personally, that guy stood out the most to me. In the world where everyone has adapted and has some form of familiarity, our guy is the everyman that we could relate to, but what happened to him was simply tragic at Volume 3. So, I would like to give him a chance to have an ending where he gets to be happy.

PLOTS: [Non-Remnant AU]

1. Weiss Schnee -
2. Ruby Rose -
3. Yang XiaoLong-

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