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I'm not a writer - I hope that doesn't make me unwelcome. I'm an avid reader.

Grew up on a farm and married a Farmer! We live 20 miles from the closest WalMart and Tractor Supply. A wild night out might involve a trip to the "local" movie theater. It's still a 30 minute drive and there are only four movies playing. Usually it's nothing we want to see so the kids watch a film while we kill time at the book store. I could spend all day in a book store.

It's a great life. We raise our kids where they can run and play outside without the worries many of my friends have.

But I do get a little bored sometimes.

My friend loves Star Trek and I love Star Wars. She told me about FanFiction. Wow!

I haven't seen The Last Jedi yet. We bought it, but I heard such terrible things about how they ruined Luke's character I've been afraid to watch it. I think I might understand the Rey and Kylo Ren stories on Fan Fiction better if I watched it. There seem to be a lot of those. Maybe I will this weekend?

I really don't enjoy Star Trek, but my friend is sending me links to stories where the writer combines the two into a single story. I promised her I would start reading one.

But I'm already noticing so many Star Wars stories it will be hard to pull away!

Thanks to all of the writers on Fan Fiction! My Kindle is finally collecting dust on my nightstand.

I'll try to remember to leave comments.

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