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Hi! I'm Livvi. Age 22.

I love Writing, Reading, Acting, Singing, and Videomaking.

I mostly write Fanfictions.

I have started a lot of different stories. But only ever finished one. Which has been uploaded to my account and posted on this site! (I had to do 3 drafts to get it right!)

I know the endings to the stories I have yet to finish and hope to finish them!

Some other Fanfictions I'm working on:

Criminal Minds Fanfiction (A different one. Not the one published on my account)

Harry Potter Fanfiction (Crossed over with Supernatural, and Sherlock)

A few others. Which I'm not sure if I will upload these after finishing.

Because I was asked:

I do not/am not taking requests for fanfictions at this time! (I didn't even know that was a thing, until I was asked! I am honored I was asked though! LOL)

There are many reasons I write Fanfiction. Too many to list.

The main reason I don't take requests is: I think I would be terrible at it. I have ADHD. So I have to be really passionate about any project I work on or I'll lose interest, become bored, and/or unfocused. Which in my case would produce poorly written stories. Even when I am really passionate about a project I sometimes still end up losing interest for long periods of time.

I fear if I got a request for a story that someone wanted me to write: There is a chance I wouldn't be able to write it well. Or it would end up unfinished.

I am a good writer. But I only really write when I get a really good, and or interesting idea for a story. Then I start pouring myself into that project. One of my favorite thing about writing is coming up with really interesting story lines and plots. Weaving a story is really fun. Coming up with little details along the way is fun.

If I was given a awesome idea for a story in the form of a request from somebody. There is a chance my heart wouldn't be behind it completely. Even if it was the best idea in the world and I loved it. Because for my heart to be in a project it has to come from, well me.

HOWEVER just because I don't take requests right now. Doesn't mean I never will.

If I ever get to a point in my life, where I think I could do requests for people. And do it well. Then I'll change my bio.

I honestly don't think I'll ever get to that point! So don't get your hopes up. But also don't lose hope! LOL

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